Anniversary Ideas

So adjusting to this deployment has been harder than I thought it would be. Getting used to doing day to day things without him here and without contact for days (or longer) at a time is not something I wanted to have to adjust to. I have learned that I am ok if I am out and doing things but if I stay home and just relax for more than a day at a time I break down and in a bad way. I dont think I have ever cried harder than I have in the last little while.

But back to the reason I am posting this. My husband and my wedding anniversary is just over a month away and since he's in Afghanistan I am having a hard time thinking of things I can do for him. Do you ladies have any ideas/ suggestions? I want to do something special but I am totally drawing a blank. So any suggestions would very much be appreciated!


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hahha oooh heather, you're so cute! here's a picture of a flash drive.<br />
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AHH, that stinks though that his computer crashed!!!! yeah, idk if you'd want to send them if he'd have to look at them on a different computer.<br />
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I think you're doing good though with all those cute things you got him so far!!! I got chris stuff like that for christmas when he was in iraq :) him and his buddies loved them. I even got him a golden retriever paint by number HAHAH... i don't think he ever did it :( <br />
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You should just start buying necessities for your husband now. toothbrush, toothpaste, shavers, foot powder, junk food, baby gatoraids/juiceboxes, soap, hostess snacks, applesauce, BLACK CALF HIGH SOCKS!!! I'm telling you, they go through socks like crazy over there. Get him hand warmers and foot warmers to stick in his boots and pockets! I assume it's still chilly over there. That he'll love!!! Send him your favorite tshirt or something, spray it with your perfume. He'll love to smell it each night :)<br />
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I hope I'm helping you at least a tiny bit!!! :) if you ever need more ideas holler at me!

Ok I am going to sound really old when I say this but I am not sure that I know what a flash drive is. :) And I never ever know what to say. If I were to record myself it would be like a minute long I love you and a bunch of uhhhs lol. Its something I have been thinking of but have yet to figure out what to say or do. I do have cd's that I can put video or pics on but my husband did not bring his laptop because it crashed before he left, so he'd have to view it on his buddies computer and make sure he didnt save the pics to the computer.<br />
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And I really like the cake idea but I have no idea what our cake was. But I guess I could ask his mom since she's the one that made it for us.<br />
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As far as other care packages go I dont have a ton of ideas either. I told Luke as soon as he needs anything to let me know and I will send it. But besides that all I have gotten is a bunch of silly things like decks of cards, dollar store checkers, a coloring book, crosswords, fingerboard soccer, just goofy things to make him smile and maybe something for him to do if he gets bored.

OooH, everyone has great ideas!!! For this deployment coming up I'm planning on doing what Caitlin does by sending Christopher a video diary. Last deployment I made a documentary... The life of Paige. It was over 30 minutes long... I'm really good at making videos and stuff like that lol. It was GREAT but it got deleted before I could send it because my computer crashed. I cried. <br />
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Anywhoo, i cram pack care packages with everyyyything from foot powder, juice boxes, undiegrundies, to gummy worms :D hahaha. You should definitely send him something very meaningful for your anniversary. For your sexy pics if you've got a digital camera just stick them on a flashdrive and send him the flashdrive in your carepackage.. .just make sure you attach it to something that says WARNING, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY lol. That's what I did :)<br />
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Chin up Heather!!! We're all here for you :) you're doing great!!!

ohhh heather you could totally do what i am doing per box and just make it for your anni..i do a video diary for chris every that would be cool if you did video of you telling him you love him and all that good **** and burn it to a disk or put it to a flash drive and send it he WILL love it i promise....<br />
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you can also do cake in a jar with the same cake that your wedding cake was and send white frosting to match eating the top la<x>yer of the cake a year later....ummm you can do a sexy photoshoot[[if you are okay with that DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOTTTTTT PRINT SEXY PICYURES OFF. PUT THEM ON YOUR COMP AND PUT THEM ON A FLASH DRIVE....DOES HE HAVE HIS LAPTOP?? AND IF YOU DO PRINT THEM SEND HIM A MANILAENVELOPE TO KEEP THEM IN]] ummmm write letters make a collage of pictures....if you send cookies ziplock them really really tight with no air....<br />
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ummm idk lol i hope this helps :)

So far the only things I have come up with are a card, his favorite cookies (which i planned on sending anyways while he is deployed) maybe some lingerie pics but I would want to go print them off at some store! lol. I have to decide fast!

I made a scrapbook for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it!! I put pictures of him and I, just me, just him from bootcamp, and then I put songs and poems in there that reminded me of us or that are just for strength and hope. Collin always looks at it but doesn't show it to anyone else. He says "no one is gonna look at my girl, that book is for my eyes only" hehe<br />
Good luck with more ideas and I'm here if you need to vent. Collin leaves for afghan in sept. By the way my name is Becky :)