Christopher's 21st birthday is coming up.... he's in NC and I'm stuck here in Iowa therefor I have to send him his presents. One problem: what do I get him?! he doesn't want anything... TOO BAD hahaha.

I was thinking an electric shaver thing for his face. Anyone know anything about those?! I want to get him a nice one. Of course I'd also add some of my creativity to this present and craft him something rediculous.. I want to get him something practical too though. It's his 21st bday... I should just get him a bottle of jack ;) hahaha.


Thanks :) love you all.

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i'm having the same problem! donnie is turning 22 in april and i have to mail his presents... and i have no clue what to get!

i'm having the same problem! donnie is turning 22 in april and i have to mail his presents... and i have no clue what to get!

lol the boob funnel is freaking funny! there's also a board drinking games so its the normal boardgame except with shot glasses with drinking game rules AJ has 0 and x's and Cluedo they a lot of fun! A Razor is a really good idea but unless he's into girl razors i have nothing lol.

HAHAHAH oh my godddddddddddddd. the picture of the boob funnel just about killed me!!!!!!! :D hahahahahah. That is SO AWESOME! :p <br />
<br />
Lexy, noooo I've never even heard of costo before lol!!! <br />
<br />
Caitlin, i just sent you a text. :)

yes!!! omg paige im soooooo excited we need to kype for sure now!!! ahhhhhhhh you just made my week!!!<br />
and yes jack+my chris= buttheaddddddd! hahaha we do need to discuss what liquors bring out what in our christophers...i got chris a handle of captin last year for his bday but seeing as he will be 21 in afghan im not sending that ****! hahaha <br />
<br />
ohh ohhhh ohhh text me and well fiugure out a good time for both of us to skype

Emily DUH why didn't I think of shot glasses! i'm dumb. ok this is going to be fun :D HAHAHA BOOB FUNNEL HAHAHAH holy ****. I just might have to go to spencers in the mall and find a boob funnel! that's so hilarious! <br />
Caitlin! I totally forgot!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, NO Jack for him.. Jack+Chris= butthead lol. I'll have to discuss further with you on the affects different types of alcohol may have on your chris. they're almost twins :). annnd YES caitlin! i got my new computer!!!! therefor i have a kickass webcam and skype works perfectly!!! i can give you a tour of my room now haha!

get the electric razor chris and i went scouring everywhere for a nice one for him to take with him to afghan..its a handy tool!!! lol<br />
<br />
and NO JACK hahaha pick anohter liquor....that sure fire to end in a fight lol!!! hahahaha we need to skype is yours working again???