After Mos Schooling??

My husband and I have been together for 4 years and married for almost 2 years now!! He is currently at MCT and in 2 weeks will be heading to MOS schooling in NC. Does anyone know if he is aloud to come get me right after MOS schooling?

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OMG you were such a help!!! Thank you so much. We were planning on moving ourselves so that is good to here. They wait that long to find out there PDS :( Thats sooo depressing. I actually moved back in with my parents and most of our stuff is in storage. So what your saying is that after MOS him come and get me and then can you drive the moving van and other vehicle where our PDS is?

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So, after MOS school my husband got 10 days off, sort of like after bootcamp. We thought we'd be all clever, and he'd fly down to the PDS first, find an apt, get the electricity/water started, check in on base, learn the area a little, then come and get me/the baby and we'd drive down to the PDS together. Well, apparently that is the backwards way to do it. Because after he checked in, they sent him to work. So he had wait to get his leave approved, a month, to come get me. He also went to the travel office after checking in, and set up the move. We didn't do a DITY move, so we had movers come to our house. It was a 6 week wait before they could show up. <br />
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So this is how you're supposed to do it: have him come home as soon as his MOS is done. fly/drive down the PDS together. Don't bring much of your stuff. Leave a key to your apt with someone back home, because the movers will come and pack your house when you are not there (which seems crazy to me, but apparently that's what you're supposed to do if it's not a DITY move) The MC will pay for you and your husband to stay in a hotel for up to 10 days while you house hunt. We didn't know about that. You can also go to the lending locker on base and they'll give you dishes, blow up mattresses, ect, while you're waiting for your stuff to arrive. <br />
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Also, if he flies home from MOS, the MC won't reimburse him for his ticket. They will only pay for a ticket from his MOS to his PDS. And the long wait for the movers to show up/stuff to arrive is also the reason a lot of people do a DITY move. If you pack up a UHaul yourself, then when his school is done he can fly home, and you will get all your stuff without the wait/the paperwork, ect. And they give you per diem for the drive (We got $1500 for a drive from Idaho to California and it cost WAY less to do it) and if you do a DITY move, they give you a lot more than that (to pay for the UHaul, ect) But all this money you get later, after filing all the paperwork at your PDS.<br />
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I hope this all makes sense. The short answer to your question is yes, he can come get you after MOS school. And my husband found out our PDS the day before he graduated from MOS.

That is what we were thinking because we have too many things for me to move myself lol :) Thanks you guys for all the help. I know my husband is tired of me asking him question to get answers for me and he only gets liberty on the weekends so by that time he forgets either what the question was or the answer he got lol

You guys are married so im sure you both will be going to the PDS the same time, unless its japan or hawaii maybe u might go a few days afterwards...but im not sure.

I told my Husband that too lol He was suppose to be Legal Admin but I guess this is what the entry level Legal Admin was. I keep telling him he is not an office person at all. I work at a desk for 10hrs a day and he tells me all I ever do is sit at a desk all day lol I told him when he pick that job thats all he is going to do so he better get used to it. Another question you might know the answer for. How far into MOS do they find out their PDS?

:O! My Marines MOS is there also! His MOS is Supply Admin. and OPS Clerk...Ive heard that all the Administrative jobs are considered "girl" jobs by other Marines there...I think its stupid! lol

My Husband's MOS is 0151 Administrative Clerk. His MOS school is in Camp Johnson in NC.

Yea, Ive been hearing that their MOS keeps backing up.. :(, it sucks! What is your bfs MOS?. Mine graduates March 3rd from MCT:)

Thanks!! As a matter of fact I have been googling it lol and it's really hard to find a direct answer. Going to his recuiting office was my next step :) He graduates MCT March 9th, I just really hope his Job Schooling isn't delayed too much because all I keep reading is that it could take up to a month to into a class :( but I guess I will have to wait until he gets to MOS.

From what my fiance keeps telling me, as long as he fills out paperwork you should be able to move right down with him. maybe. i could be totally wrong! just once he figures out his PDS you could start looking at off base housing and get put on the set aside program (if that base has it). im sure someone on here knows for sure!

I dont think so. Im not entirely sure..but after their MOS I think they go straight to their PDS (Permanent Duty Station). You should find out with his recruiter though..or just google it! :)