Mos In Camp Johnson, Nc...

Didn't know if any newbies Marine's had there MOS in Camp Johnson? My Husband Graduates MCT from Camp Pendleton March 9th and then heads to Camp Johnson for Admin job training. Has anyone heard if there was a delay in getting into a class? Thank you everyone for the help!!

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3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

OMG that is horrible :( I will die if that happens lol I have a good job here so I wasn't going to go to his schooling to live off base.

My husband was also at camp Johnson, he's a mechanic. His school had a 2 month wait. He won't know the wait til he gets there, and even then they might change their story a couple times.

Matt has had delays both schools he went to..and they were both like 1-2 months long backed up...SO im pretty sure he will be backed up too