Okk.. So I Actually Need Help This Time. :(

.......Roman & I have been together going on 3 years... 2 of which have been in the military. We havent spent a whole lot of time face to face...  Im crazyy in love with him. hes the most amazing guy everrrr. He was texting my parents.. he told them "i really wanna marry her, but i wanna make sure im financially stable enough to take care of her before we do." and my mom told him that was a good idea and that she was really proud of us for thinkin things through and not rushing, we have good heads on our shoulders. and he was like "but seriously i wanna ask her... im just tryin to wait till its the right time for us." i was so ffreakin excited.... lol ok well thats the good news...


the bad news is... that now that they are starting the push in afgan. they are takin more troops.... they have already taken 2 companies where roman is. his is next... but at the same time. one of the companies that has already got the call is short on men. and they are pulling ppl out of romans company. so if he gets pulled or his company gets the called he will be gone by the end of march. :( he just got back in jan. that will put him stateside for less than 3 months.. im going freakin crazyy like i dont want him gone... :( not again already. and if he does get the call i have to fly to San Diego last minute and drive his car back... well i dont HAVE to... but he really wants me to see him off... and i cant tell him no.. not that i would. but if i have to take of that long last minute from work.. im likely to get fired. but what can i do. i love him.

basically i just need a friend right now...

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well i already kneww he was gonna go at the end of the year for sure... but hes going like next month... he hasnt even been state side 2 months yet. he just got home in jan. :(

I'm here i'm here!! lol sorry its late and its been a hectic last couple of days! i say YAY to the good news and to the bad news honestly i'd speak to your boss and explain organise like unpaid leave or something but i would go i wouldnt not be able not too seriously the fact that i never said good bye would freaking haunt me the whole time he was there! It looks like AJ's going too and soon we suspect later on in the year but its pretty definate right now!

thanksss girls.... this is why i love you... lol

Congrats on the good news! My fiance is in Afghanistan right now. Expected to be home April 1st. Its not all peachy out there right now, especially right now. I would say go weather or not your job is willing to give you the time off. I mean, this is the man you love, he's going to war. We are never promised tomorrow and if you don't go see him off you might regret it later. Semper Fi! Hope all works out for you girl. Its a hard time for all of us Marine wives, girlfriends and fiances. It's not easy being the one left behind. we fight to stay strong for them. If you ever need to talk feel free to message me. Take care ;)

truckgrlhayesusmc-- yeahh im gonna talk to my boss and give her a heads up... but even if she says no im probably gonna go anyways... even it just for that one day.... ill fly there and fly back and take time of to go get the car later. i guess.. ?? idk we are tryin to figure it out. but if i get fired its back to fast food for kayla lol <br />
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alison--- heyy girlie.. its not that huge... mostly the big push will be over by the time he gets out of school... and if hes not 03 (infantry) then it should be a bit different. ughh i just turned 20 roman will be 21 this friday.. and i dont get to be there for that either lol i feel bad bc he got his leave extended so he could be here for my bday. on the 5th... but ohhh well. stuff happens. ive been using this site since right before he deployed last time.

I'm sorry about that. It must be pretty tough. I havent had to deal with something like this yet, my boy is at boot camp in san diego right now. I'm not looking forward to when i have to deal with him leaving again.. I wish I could help you out more with this, but I really don't know how :/ <br />
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Congrats on the soon to be proposal? ha. I dont know what to call i, but that is exciting news.<br />
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I'm allison by the way. I'm 17(turn 18 in april) Kieth is 19. If you ever need someone to talk to just email me. I'm new to this site, but the girls on here have helped me a lot already :]