Good News - Again If Your Mans Deployed You Might Not Want To Skip Again!

Hey everybody.

Again just quickly thanks a lot for the support you have all been really amazing through this whole thing. 

So Cam got out of surgery a little while ago and we finally have good news there’s NO neurological damage to his spine at all!!!! There is however a lot of swelling around where both bullets hit him and they hoping it should go down within the next couple of months but he needs to take it easy and relax for the first two weeks and from there it is rehab!  The doctors also said that the bullet in his throat missed his ceratoid artery by a millimeter and his spine by centimeters it actually went behind the artery and stopped centimeters next to the C4 (Spinal link).  In other words he is frigging lucky to be alive right now!!!

Holly is so relieved its not even funny she looked at me and was like “I need a drink NOW!!” so Sam and I took her to Charlies for a drink then went home and she’s finally asleep and has been for nearly an hour! She knows that technically this thing is not over in fact the next couple of months are going to be extremely difficult for both her and Cam but the worry is over we can actually start moving forward now and get him better!

Again girls thank you so much for everything!



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thank God!! glad to hear good news!! =)

Thanks girls it is a huge relief. his recovery wont be easy but he deffinately has the support to get through it! thanks again!

they are so lucky god was deffinately looking out for him be praying for his rehab to go well

This is so exciting! Yay for good news :)

that's amazing news!

this is GREAT news :)