My Love Cup :)

so i just thought i would share a cute thing my boy got me. he was in germany over the summer doing some training and other marine type stuff and i was like you sooo better bring me a good present! :p anyhoo i wasnt actually expecting to get anything but when he came back he had this little coffee mug that said a whole bunch of german stuff and it has

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Aw sweet man!! that really sweet!

aww how adorable!!

thanx! he really is the cutest goofiest boy i know. :)

aww how freakin cute! :)

haha its says something along the line of The Love Cup. and i dunno what else but its supposed to be all about love. lol

****! did it cut off my story? grrr stupid website. well i was trying to say that brandon gave it to me, its a love cup and whoever drinks out of it falls in love with the person that gave it to them. :) cute right? anyway before he left brandon asked me to drink out of the cup everyday so he knows that im still always in love with him. he's the cutest. i told him that i didnt need a cup to be in love with him everyday but i would so everyday i have my cup of tea in that cup. its silly but i feel closer to him and it reminds me how much i love him. :) have a good day!

Die Liebeszauber Tasse on the top then down below it sats Mit ganz viel Herz!