Update!!! O And A Wedding Coming Up!

            Hey girlyz!!! I haven't been on in a while so... i thought id give ya'll a update on everything. Ugh!! where to start? he-he OK well Dustin told his mama that we wanted to get married this summer but no later than September, and she said that we were moving too fast and we should just wait.  Dustin just told her that he is a big boy and he can make his own decisions and that she is just gonna have to get over it. He told her if she cant get over it by the wedding then that just too d*** bad. I was glad he said what he had say because knowing he stood up for US made me feel soo much better. Then he hadn't talked to his dad i  like 2 months and i guess his dad called him. well Dustin told him that we were getting married and he goes "why are you gonna do that?" Dustin simply replied " i love her and i want to spend the rest of my life with her. i don't need to explain" his dad started sayin you're going ruin it just like you're mom and i did. This is funny.. Dustin said "well pops i think I'm doin a lil better than you and mom did. I mean i smarter than the 2 of you put together. By the time you were my age i was already born and you weren't married. Therefore I'm doin alot better than you did."  His dad just said, "that's cool." So that's that.

                 Right now we are looking at July or August. I want the whole wedding to be outside but he wants it to be inside. So we agreed on the ceremony will be outside and the reception will be inside. The place we are having it at is very...... how do i describe it? i guess you would say rustic/western/ country. It such a cute place, it called Shenandoah Mill. its here is gilbert,az. I've already got my dress it soo B-E-A-U-TI-FUL!!! ugh im soooper excited. EEKK!! Theres so much to do!! any suggestions?

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Congrats sweety that's awesome!!!

Yay!!!! Congrats on getting married. Our parents don't want us to get married now either. We were going to before he got deployed, not just bc he was deploying but bc we want to get married. But we just found out he is getting deployed in sept now instead of Dec. We both don't want a HUGE wedding but we want more then just a courthouse wedding. But we don't no what we need to do or where to start bc we want a military wedding but congrats on EVERYTHING :)