How He Makes Me Feel...=p

he cares about me like no other guy has ever done before he truely loves me. i feel butterfly's when i am with him i always smile everytime i get to hear his voice ive fallen in love with my best friend, my marine, & my hero all in one package he really is amazing i'll never know why he wants this crazy country girl when he could easily get someone much better but i am so happy he chose me. he rocks my world!! he puts the ooh in my rah. HAHA.

Priscillalovinhermarine Priscillalovinhermarine
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Its amazing to find someone who can be everything you need!

lol aw i'm so happy for you!! i fell for my best friend too theres a reason way he's with you and its probably because of all those reasons you just said! dont over think it just go with it and good luck