Update: I Broke It Off With Him Until He Comes Home From Mct (not Marine Related Break-up)

The 10 days he was here, he was all over the place visiting people and everything. He barely called, even when I asked him to because he was busy & he barely texted. If you have been following my stories, yea I thought he grew a bit cockier and very distant. Yet, he WOULD NOT let go of me cause he still loved me soo much. However, he never showed it. I also got into the accident & idk if you guys remember that, but he would only call me when I was pissed/upset. When I confronted him about it, he was so shocked and upset that he had been actng this way. We made up, and everything was good :)

We met up this Sunday and had a nice time. He wanted to tell me "bad things" about himself that he never told me before. I was very nervous. Well, we had an AMAZING time regardless. He told me that he started smoking cigarettes out of boredom right before he left for boot camp, but it wasn't like he was addicted or anything. He could stop whenever (he went 3 months without it in boot). He also told me that he drinks and plays beer pong at parties. I knew that he drank, but I didn't ask him about it. I told him that I had already figured it out because I saw tagged pictures of him on facebook. He told me that he never got drunk and that he was always taking care of the drunk people. Still, he chose to tell me this stuff 7 months into our relationship. He didn't tell me because he knew I was against those things. He told me he wouldn't smoke anymore and that he wouldn't drink cuz he's in the marines & he's underage anyways. That could get him into a whole lotta trouble. YET, I forgave him because he was at least honest about it to me. The look in his eyes and the fact that he CRIED because he was leaving the next day for MCT. I knew we both loved each other & we had an amazing time. I know in my heart that he's the type of guy that is really caring. I saw him so miserable that day and I knew he was scared to leave for MCT. I knew he was happy with me and so was I.

That didn't break us up, but his crazy and clingy ex- girlfriend did. She got my number randomly from someone and called me. She told me that she wanted to have a "deep talk" with me and that we have both been dating "our" boyfriend at the same time. However that wasn't true. She just wanted him back and never accepted the fact that they broke up. I called my boyfriend's best friend who said that he was present when my bf broke it off with his ex. He broke it off a couple days after we became a couple. However, she needed someone to talk to. and my bf is a really caring person. He saw her about once a week during the summer & they remained friends. I KNOW for a fact that he didn't want her AT ALL cuz his best friend (who i trust veryy much) confirmed it and so did my boyfriend. But why the hell would he hide the fact that he was hanging with his ex when was with ME? His ex obviously wanted him back, and she THOUGHT that they were together or something. He obciously just wanted to keep the friendship. But WHY THE HELL DIDN'T HE TELL ME?! She called me and tried to make it seem that he was dating both of us at the same time so I would break up with him. Also, another thing that makes me mad is that she was his ride home (cuz he needed a ride) and he didn't tell me. He also told her PERSONAL details to her about us. Well, not personal, but just general stuff of what we did that day and that he gave me some of his stuff and that we made out I guess. I'm really private about everything & HE KNOWS that. Idk why he told her.

I know in my heart that he loves me. His best frined whom I'm really close to as well and can trust even said that he's so in love with me. He said he would def tell me if something fishy was up, and no it's nothing bad. My bf is just a caring guy who still saw his ex at Starbucks cuz he knew she had been hurt so many times before. However, he def din't want her. However, how is she going to stop going after him if he doesn't stop talking to her? The fact I do know is that he doesn't want her back at all. He wants me. Yet, I just feel so bad about the fact that he was hanging out with her behind my back. But he's deeply in love with me and I know it. He's so scared to lose me.

Anyways, I broke it off with him for a month until he comes back from MCT. He is REALLY upset, but he could barely say anything to me on the phone. I KNOW he loves me soo much and wouldn't want to lose me. I care for him so much. But hoesntly, he wasn't honest about his past and idk what to do. I'm just mad I guess so I wanna move past this. If he can somehow try to make a great effort to get me back, then I'll consider it cuz I really do love him.

Right now, I'm alright. I don't mind that HE'S upset cause he needs to know what it's REALLY like to miss me. I've always been the one to reach out to him ever since he came home from boot, and now he is the one who has to. I wonder how his letters will look like.

Well, I'll keep you all update. Sorry this is long & thakn you!!

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I just wanna say that this same thing happened to me. I dated a guy for nine months and I thought I was in love. I almost lost my virginity to him. He meant the world to me, and then he went off to the appalachian mt. trail over last summer. When he came back, he seemed very distant and very weird. He confronted me and told me all the things that he had done in his past. Then, his crazy ex girlfriend called me and told me the same thing your guy's did. Long story short, he cheated on me and started abusing by the seventh month. I finally broke up with him thank God. I really believe you should do the same. The patterns sound the same.

Well, now I know that his ex has been telling him lies and overdramatizing things to get ME to break up with him. Still, I want him to do two things:<br />
1. Never ******* talk to her again because she caused a whole lotta ****. <br />
2. He needs to be able to trust me with everything like he said he did, but he was hiding some crucial information. <br />
If he makes a genuine effort to get me back AND moves away from his past AND proves that he loves me then I'll consider taking him back.

You know what i'm really proud of u cause u don't deserve to be treated like that! But i also hope things work out and i really hope he comes to his senses and sorts out his **** good luck and i'm here if u need anything

Aw girl i really hope this works if you both feel the way you do about each other. you did the right thing he needs to know you stand for it for a second i know it hurts but it may have been the best move you have made! stay strong sweety and we all here for you!

goood! dont let thAt girl to get away with it!! but dont fall into a denial fase, keep it like that... he made a mistake and he has to realize in other to appreciate ur relationship and dont ever do it again... i know it´s hard to teach them leasons and be hard on them when they are going through those hard moments.. i feel ur pain.. be strong! and everything will be fine.. but dont show any weakness to the ex! that would make her stronger!

awwwwwww :( bye Jenny. goodluck if you WANT to work things out with him in the future. For me MCT i've gotten one phone call within the 2 weeks he's been there. But anyway, if you don't work things out with him, i know you'll find someone even better!

Oh, btw BYE EP PEOPLE!!!!<br />
I love you guys! You're the most supportive group of people, and I wouldn't have survived boot if it were'nt for you guys! Good luck with your awesome boyfransss cuz mines a total F*CKING A**HOLE who needs to tell me the WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT HIS F*CHING LIFE.....

Umm, yea he talked to her a lot. I don't know if he gets text messages in MCT but I texted him that I am done with this relationship FOR GOOD.<br />
He wants me, yet he can't let go of his past.<br />
I will NOT stand for **** like that!!<br />
Ugh, I hope he lives a lonely life that mother fucka

For some reason EP wasnt letting me read the WHOLE story..weird..I just read the first part of your story, You go girl for standing up for yourself!<br />
<br />
I agree with one of the other girls, once hes at MCT he'll have plenty of time to think things through and realize the kind of girl you are :)

Hey girl:)...I understand what youre going through. I once went through something similar with my bf. One day his car just wouldnt turn on and we had school, so I was already at school and he decides to call up his ex and ask her for a ride..not bothering to even call me..I gave him HELL for that. But anyway, what im tryna get at is that guys can do some really stupid ****! <br />
<br />
Did he talk to her at all during his 10 days of leave?