Hates Being...


He got a bug somehow last week on monday, and now i have it....blahhh everything hurts my throat was so sore and my gland were so swollen that i couldnt hardley swollow and its hard to talk...So i haven't seen matt these past 2 days, which i mean it aint killin me, but i think he got spoiled seein me and hes like mad that he cant see me...cuz i told em i was stayin home to rest up and be healthy for him this weekend....

He gets to stay with me this weekend again with no MC in the way :) yayy lol and his friend is to guess hes stayin on the pull out couch in my room, which is cool with me but cant really do *cough cough* lol with him in the room....bahahaha, we will be ok tho...I think were going to this club here cuz his friend wants to go really bad, idk why? but, the only club here that allows 18+ is a gay club!! HAHAHA and he still dont care and would go....i mean idk if its fully all gay, i doubt it is. I know they do show drag shows, which by the way are hilarious to watch! and i love gay clubs!! lol... but i would rather just stay at the hotel and drink my white russians (yummm)

Newayyy i hope i feel better by tomorrow cuz imma go see him, he has to work thursday and i pick him up friday....Hope all is well with everyone and there Marines, if anything interesting happens this weekend ill deff post! might get a good laugh for you guys to read :) later girls!


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3 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Thanks guys i hope this weekend turns out great!! :)

Aw i hope u get better soon and have a really fun weekend!

YAY i love drag shows seriously i saw this one and laughed so much i nearly cried!!! hope you get better soon and have an awesome weekend