I'm About To....

Hop on my firestone tire and float to Afghanistan.  I really hate this whole ordeal.  I got one of three e-mails since he left and he's telling me they shut down base for days after someone is either hurt or there is a fatality.  He said it just keeps happening so he's had no opportunities to write any of his family or anything. He told me he really feels like he's breaking down not being able to talk to his family.

Well, I sent him a picture of our ultrasound hoping that might be able to help him get through the next few weeks or days until he can contact us again.  He said something about maybe switching bases to somewhere there is no internet and where it's higher risk. Soooo oh yay....

I know I can get through this even if it's hard.  I'm keeping a positive outlook. I'm grateful I'm hearing from him even if it is averaging two to three weeks. All I can do is pray for his safety.

God Bless our troops.  All of our servicemembers are in my prayers as always.

How is everyone else?

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The name is Amanda, lol. Sorry I didn't introduce myself properly the first time :) Friday will be a month since I've had contact with my man. I'm starting to wonder if he forgot about me, lol. I'm sure that's not the case, but I can't believe there hasn't been an opportunity for him to call me. To be honest, this month with no letters, emails or phone calls has been the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. Ever. I'm having doubts about the validity of our relationship, and I know it's natural considering the circumstances and the situation, but I feel bad for thinking the things I think, because I know he hasn't given me any reason to have these thoughts. He's over there, putting his life on the line and making tough decisions, and I'm here wondering if he really loves me as much as he says he does, while I decide if I want Starbucks or not, ya know?. It's not right of me to do that, but I can't help it. I love him so much. He is my soul mate...I just miss him and don't know how to deal with all of these emotions and I have a huge fear of the unknown. <br />
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Have you heard anything from your man? I hope he is okay and things are going well for him. How is your pregnancy? Do you have names picked out yet? Having a baby is so exciting! I miss those days, lol.

Hi, Rosana!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you got to talk to him! I'm trying to cherish every moment. Believe me. I cannot wait to find out what I'm having.

Oh yes name would be good...My name is Rosana. and thirteen weeks huh? that's great! when do you get to find out what your having? i forget...16 weeks is it? my lil one is three years old and I remember her kicking in my belly like it was yesterday. Good luck with your Pregnancy! cherish every moment ;) Oh and I heard from him!! they were out of River City for like maybe 2hours and he was able to call....

Thank you, all of you! It is difficult and McKees you are thinking things I was thinking about. I know it's their job and it's the least of their problems, but I tried to imagine not being able to bathe when I needed to. I know how clean he is, and I can imagine he probably is miserable. He takes hour showers back home. I cannot wait until he is home and he can eat some real food. The best part of our skype convo was I asked him if he still had my chain with the cross on it and showed me that it's around his neck. I don't know. It just made me feel better knowing he is wearing it. <br />
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Skype is a miracle, McKees (name please lol). I never did web chatting like that before so it was cool to be able to talk to him like he was here for the first time. After I was done talking to him, I called his mom on it even though she lives close to me. I just felt like playing with it.

HI! I'm in the same boat...er, tire, lol. I haven't heard from my man in almost three weeks. This sucks, to say the least. And I didn't know they could skype!?! He and I were emailing every day, but it was from him work computer. He told me the internet center only allows them to be on for 30min at a time. The last time he emailed me was from his work address, and he told me the internet center was down at his base, and they were having to order new equipment. He was supposed to send me a video :( I haven't gotten it yet, and probably won't for a while cause he is out in the field for who knows how long. How do we do it, ladies? How do we go on living a normal life when we know they sometimes don't get showers for days, or don't have the luxury of ordering their favorite food for dinner? I'm so glad to have found this site. I was starting to wonder if I was the only chic who didn't know how to handle this deployment stuff. I mean, its starting to fee like my boyfriend is a figment of my imagination..... congrats on the baby!

i want to do the same!! i havent heard from my boyfriend in 2 1/2 weeks and everyday i dont hear from him gets harder and harder. i'm sure the ultrasound will definetly brighten his day :) congrats!

Aw girl congrats on being preggy i'm so happy for u! I really hope u here something soon i'll definately be thinking of both of u!!

Aw girl congrats on being preggy i'm so happy for u! I really hope u here something soon i'll definately be thinking of both of u!!

I'm with you on that whole floating over to Afghanistan thing. My husband only recently deployed and I havent heard anything from him since the last leg of the trip. His higher ups said it could be weeks before I hear from him but I had really been hoping that would be the case. I know my husbands not out in the mix of things yet, I just want info. I dont even know what the time difference is or anything about anything that he's doing over there. My skype is up 24/7 these days just in case he gets an opportunity to use a computer.<br />
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And Congrats on the pregnancy! I cant wait to have a baby of my own.

Aw sweety thats hard i know my dads been there since last year in the beginning we heard from him often and suddenly its like this total shut down of nothing my mom is practically going out of her mind worrying about him!! i'll keep you both in my thoughts and congrats on being preggies thats great news!!

It's okay, Soph. I didn't say anything on here until I was positive everything was okay b/c I've miscarried before. Right after I wrote this, I logged onto Skype on the off chance I would catch him online. He was there and we were able to video chat for about an hour, which I'm sure is going to be the only time it happens. I am beyond grateful that he is okay.<br />
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I'm sorry MissingMyCp... name pls... lol. I hope you get to hear from him. It's hard having no contact for weeks at a time. I could handle that if I just knew he was safe, so this was good.<br />
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I just hit 13 weeks. Thanks!<br />
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Oh, and CONGRATS, SOPH!!!!!! Yayayyayay!!!!!

I wish I could do the same! I havent heard from my Marine is a while either, ever since they started that new operation they have been in River City! I'll keep him in our prayers. Those men and women go through something none of us will ever undserstand. So how far along are you? Congrats by the way.