Fyi For Those With Deployed Marines

Just thought I'd share this with any of you ladies who's men are overseas right now.  I missed a phone call from Bob the other day cause his number changed.  It usually shows up as a six digit number, such as 800-***.  I got a call the other day from an 808 number and ignored it because I get collection calls but I googled the number and apparently if they get ahold of a satellite phone to call from instead of the regular phones on base it re-routes through Hawaii and shows up with Hawaii's area code (808).  Just wanted to let you all know since I know alot of the guys are in River City so they can't use the regular phones and I don't want any one else to miss a satellite phone call.... and unfortunately though it looks like a regular number, you can't call it back.  I knew I wouldn't be able to, but I tried anyway lol.  A girl can dream :-)


Otherwise I hope everyone is doing well! Love Ya's!!

silverskiez silverskiez
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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

He called back again a little later and I answered of course! So it was ok :-) but I didn't want anyone else to miss their calls lol!!

hahah when chris was in iraq the sat phones came up as just 4 numbers like 5674 and i looked at my phone like WTF??? lol but i just pick up all the ohone calls reguardless lol it could always be him bahhahaha his now have started with a 508 area code...hahahah dont feel bad ive tried to call the number back on many many occasions lol :)