Me Being Crazy

So, i was able to go visit my boyfirend about 2 weeks ago and it was really fun.. and it was great because it also gave me a chance to meet some of his friends and some of the other girlfriends and wives. I ended up adding his friends on facebook and some of the girls i met too. But ever since i added his friends on facebook i'm always checking it to see if they are doing the same thing as greg ( my bf). It's not that i don't trust him and what he tells me, i'm just curoius! and sometimes i get alittle mad when i see all his friends on and he has yet to call me or anything.. and i know that it sounds like i'm being crazy, but i almost wish i hadn't added them lol.

usmcgirl42 usmcgirl42
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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

lexi what is the new group?

girl RELAXXXXX hahaha just bc they are on he could be doing something and if its driving you crazy delete them...simple as that. no sense getting all crazy! hahaha and not to be mean but it does sound a little untrusting when your getting mad at the fact that he isnt calling you or writting you.

haha, that is a natural instinct for a girl to do :) don't worry about it i would do the SAME thing especially since I don't have anything else to do I trust ryan i just don't trust girls.