For Those Who Have Following My Breakup...

I'll wait until he's done with MCT so I can hear HIS side of the story clearly. I have matched up some of his ex's sayings and she has just been saying those things to get me to break up with him. However, the fact I DO know is that those 2 hung out in the summer behind my back when he was clearly with me. I know FOR SURE that he def didn't want her, and I know his best friend (also realllyyyy close to me & trustworthy) confirmed that he broke it off with her and definatly loves me.

He still saw her over the summer because she was having a really difficult time apparently. Her parents got divorced and so much other **** happeend to her. He's a really caring guy who cares about everyone. She needed support I guess, and he was still close to her, but he thougth of her as a friend. She, however, thought of him as more than that. She wanted him back and thought that the hangouts were them "dating."

I know for a fact that he loves me so much. I don't take **** from anyone, and he has proven so many times that he loves me. He even cried in my arms the night before he left that he wanted to stay with me and not go.

Well, now I know that his ex has been telling me lies and overdramatizing things to get ME to break up with him. Still, I want him to do two things:

1. Never ******* talk to her again because she caused a whole lotta ****. She keeps wanting to have "deep convos" with me to try to figure out stuff about me and my man AND try to get me to break up with him by making me believe that he was cheating by having both of us at the same time.

2. He needs to be able to trust me with everything like he said he did, but he was hiding some crucial information.(he didnt want me knowing that he drank occasionaly but never enough to get drunk. also the fact that before boot he smoked cigarettes outta boredom. however, he doesn't do this stuff anymore because he's in the marines & this could get him into a whole lotta ****. I def forgave him cuz at least he was honest with me and he looked genuinly upset.)

If he makes a genuine effort to get me back AND moves away from his past AND proves that he loves me then I'll consider taking him back.

On Sunday before he left we had a perfect day & he gave me his favorite jacket that he loves so much. Idk how much Marine rings cost, but I bet they're a lot? Not even the material things, it's the look in his eyes that you can just tell that he loves me. He also cried and said he didn't want to leave me & he looked so upset I wanted to make everything better for him :(. This was the time he wanted to tell me about smoking & drinking. He does not want to lose me at all. He knows that I'm a "good" girl I guess, and my friends have even said that he's never felt so strongly for someone before. He's the type of guy that could literally get anybody he joke. He also has the kindest heart and cares about everyone. He wanted to ask about the future, and we even talked about it a bit. Not too much, but it's something that he wants and we're too nervous to talk about just yet you know?

What do you guys think of him helping out his ex and hiding it from me?

He also told his ex personal detail about us. Well, he told her that we met up on Valentine's Day, what we did together this Sunday, described our dates, like he told her about me so I wonder if that means something?

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I feel what ur saying is right. I just want to hear from him and get the truth. If he stops contacting her then I'll consider getting back with him because I know for a fact that he loves me too much.

Oh no, he wasn't flirting when he was with me. Def not. He was sick of her, and didnt want her anymore. He was flirting with other girls at that time when he was with her, but he wasn't really into the relationship because so much **** happened between them.

I know that he called her again on Monday to tell her he doesnt want her. Like he was straight up with her. He was ALSO straight up with her when he broke it off with her in July, yet he still hung out with her in her time of need because he's caring and didn't want to be a jack***. I guess the fact that he still hung out with her made her think that she still had a chance to be with him. She took meeting up as a an oppurtunity to get him back. <br />
<br />
He told her that he LIKED me in Augst, and he broke up with her and started going out with me in July. <br />
<br />
However, it was only last week that she found out that he was actually dating me. She flipped out and called me. Thought that he was "cheating" on her. But he didn't even want her..

The point I'm getting at is that her first boyfriend left her for someone else and so did this "boyfriend" for me in her time of need.

He just left for MCT on Monday, so I haven't heard from him. I was yelling at him (well, not exactly yelling but kinda cuz I don't really yell?) while he was on his bus trip there. I tried to figure out the story from him, and he just said they hung out. Never did anything though. <br />
I need him to tell me straight up that he wasn't with her and me at the same time. <br />
<br />
This is what I got:<br />
He fell for me while he was with her. However, he was getting sick of her anyways. He was still flirty I guess and a bit distant from her. He wanted me. We both got together as a couple early July. A couple days after that he broke it off with her, and I know for a fact that's true because there were witnesses. He still met up with her though cuz he didn't want to be a jack*** in her time of need. ALSO another major important fact is that HER previous ex also left her for someone else. Yet, she immediately started going out with my current bf after she broke it off with her previous bf.