1 Week And Counting!

Hey ladies!!  I haven't been on here much...but long story short...my boyfriend left in December for boot and I finally get to see him next week!!!  I'm so excited, because I get to fly out there to see him graduate and I know I'm probably going to be all kinds of emotional, but I really can't wait!!  Time has gone by so fast and it's amazing to see how much our feelings for each other have grown not seeing each other and just being able to write letters.  Well just had to share my excitement with all of you!!  Hope everyone and their Marine/recruit are doing wonderful!


Semper Fi!

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7 Responses Feb 25, 2010

thats awesome! Congrats go enjoy minute of it!!

cool my fiance left jan 4th and graduates in april let me know how it goes

thats great! my bf left for boot in december too and he graduates in 2 weeks! make sure you post and let us know how everything went

graduation is so awesome. i have never been so proud lol plus that first kiss as a united states marine and you havent seen him in 3 months is the best thing ever! congrats!

thats awesome, i remember when you said he had just left! (: Graduation and family day are amazing! i had a smile on my face the whole plane ride there, and it was just the best days ever! lol<br />
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have fun on his leave too (:

Aw yay!! It did fly enjoy and have an awesome time

yay :) we told you time flys bye!! congrats on everything i can't wait til you see him!!