I Need Advice Please

So I need to vent a bit. more I just  need to put this somewhere and then I need someone to tell me if I’m being stupid or not I already feel stupid writing this so maybe I am cause I really do know where its coming from. So please be completely honest with me I need completely honest answers here don’t worry about being a complete ***** I can handle it I promise!

Alright so as you all know Jason is in SOI at Camp Grieger and I’m in Hawaii so we dealing with slight time differences and also travelling issues. In the sense that the cheapest flight from here to there is about $1 618 which is hugely expensive when he was here he said that as much as he wanted me to come down for libo weekends he understood that it was expensive and didn’t expect me to come remember this price is only the flight I worked out that with everything a place to stay a car food everything we were looking at about $ 2 000.00 - $ 3 000.00 and it could be more.   

So now here is where the problem comes in he’s graduating soon and I really want to be there cause I know how important this is to him and its important for me to support him and I feel that by not going it’s like I have the attitude of I just don’t give a damn.  I spoke to him this weekend and mentioned it and he said “Sam I want you here I do I’d give my left arm to have you here but Girlfriend its expensive and really you looking at like two days just travelling and one maybe two days with each other if we lucky its not worth it and besides we could use that money for something else like our honeymoon or something!” he’s right I know he is it’s pointless paying that amount of money for like a day with him maybe! So I’m not going its not worth it and really I’m completely with him on that idea. Don’t get me wrong I still feel like a complete *** for not being there but its not an issue we on the same page here.

Later on this week I got a call from my mom and she asked when I was going to go visit them. Now here is the dilemma and I explained it as best I could to my mom but she honestly thinks I’m just being difficult.  So a flight from here to home is at least $ 1 500.00 it’s about 8 hours and I have like four stops over’s  that’s fine for when I go for like two or three weeks but for a weekend? not only that but from the airport its like a 6 hour drive to home a two stop is about $2 000.00 I know seriously what’s in $ 500.00 but how can I go home and visit my family but not go see Jason graduate for me its wrong my mom was like we’ll pay half your ticket but still seriously I still feel horrible!!  And like I said before its $1 500.00 for the air ticket alone there’s still all that other crap that goes with a trip so again we looking at about $ 3000.00 - $3 500.00 it’s pretty much the same amount to go see Jason but more expensive and honestly I’d rather use it to visit him even if its like for one day.  I know it sounds horrible it sounds terrible I just miss him so much I miss my family too but seriously its different I can pick up the phone at anytime and they’ll be on the other end and not so much with Jason!

I have spoken to my mom again and tried to explain once again that as much as I wanted to go visit them I couldn’t right now its crazy busy with me at the moment with the wedding and work and told her that I’d visit after the wedding and after year end but right now I just couldn’t. She said she understood but I suspect she’s a bit disappointed that I’m not coming. I also spoke to Jason and told him about it and all he said was why not go if you want to and when I told him what I just said he was like “Sam they your family you guaranteed to see them and me you not so guaranteed in seeing me just think about it a bit more.” and he’s right again I just really don’t know anymore so please tell me am I being silly about this and do I need a serious kick up the butt please just be honest I’m not upset about this really I’m not just more slightly I’m not entirely sure how I should handle this one that’s all!    

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sorry I'm so late to comment but if you and Jason agreed its ok to miss out on graduation, that's fine in my book. you are not an *** and it doesn't make you a bad person... and with the other situation, I know its tough, but if you aren't seeing Jason and wana save money for a nice honeymoon getaway, I'd do that. A weekend is a short amount of time!! :-/ best of luck

No one can make this decision for you or help you feel better about what you finally decide. Its such a conundrum cause Id give anything to be with my marine for a day, but the cost and distance for yall is a huge factor. I would try my hardest to be there regardless, but Id be second guessing my decision every minute cause of the cost and the fact that I got plenty of other bills to worry about. Best of luck!

You know how feel. i think it will be a tough decision but in the end I think everyone will eventually understand. Like you said its an on going battle one someone will eventually say "Alright dudes this is freaking expensive lets back off a bit." dont they not visit as often as they'd like for the same reason? I think Jas will understand either way or whatever you decide it's tough I know and i agree with you and everyone else but in the end its up to you!

I'm with everyone else if you go then go see him

Yup the on going battle of whats more important lol you've got to love it. It impossible i mean jason and i are both like the last thing we need is to get married and have huge amounts of debt we really dont need it and have been trying to save as much as what we can now. Its the main reason why i dont go visit him!

been there sister. it cost me $3573.74(yes i remember cause i had to pay for it all out of my college fund lol) to fly out and see zack(my marine) graduate granted i got roughly 2 days with him but after not seeing him for 3 months it was worth it but looking back now we feel stupid for it cause now im in student loans and we are haven to wait to get married and what not cause that set us back major. so i see where your coming from and i know how much you want to be there but if i couldnt see my man i personally wouldnt want to fly and see my family either. sorry i couldnt help more