my Marine and me have been together for over a year now. he is stationed in Arizona. well be dealing with our first deployment in April. i dont know how but we got really lucky. he was suppost to go to Afgan. for 8 months n it got changed so hes only going to alaska for a month!! i think that took alot of stress off of both of us. were planning on getting married this year and hes planning on adopting my little girl and weve been trying for another baby! i havent seen him since Christmas but weve went longer.in my opinion only the strongest women can be with a Marine. being so far away from each other for so long is hard as hell n i know alot of women that couldnt handle it and would end up cheating or leaving them. ANd nothing ****** me of more than a woman thats not faithfull to her Marine...my friend and me are going to AZ in March to see him...i cant wait!!! hopefully well get our baby this time around!!

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i agree on that not being a deployment...dont get me wrong...im glad hes not going newhere else this time but how is being in the US a deployment? n thanks im sure itll will be fun going over there. not gonna like leaven thow!! lol

first a month in alaska is NOT a deployment..second my name is caitlin 19 chris is 20 and currently doing our second deployment. hes in afghan. welcome and congrats on getting married this year