I Feel So Violated.

Last night inbetween the time of 10pm-8am....some mother ******* broke into matthews truck...and took EVERYTHING! & i was parked under double lights!!!

They took....

1) Dvd radio flip out

2) The WHOLE speaker box that was custom fitted under the back seats along with the apm

2) The Flip down tv on the roof....Just ripped it out...& u know how expensive it is to fix the vinal on the roof.

3) Our roller blades both pair

4) My memory card for my video camara

And last but not least.....MY ****** BATTERY! So i couldn't leave.

And the GPS was sitting right in the glow box and they didnt even look...THANK GOD!

I know everything is replacable by insurance...Just the sight of walking out with your dog and one of your doors is wide open you know what happend, and i had this gut renching feeling come over me...Basically i feel like i was ****** in the *** and put on the side of the road. I couldnt stop crying for hours....matthew took it better bc he knows there is nothing we can do, and its all replacable....But i feel violated. and hurt that ppl do that for a ****** living....I really wish they would have just took the whole truck bc we would have gotten a new car....

Oh and they didnt break the dash but they slid the battery across the hood and left a so pretty little scratches...They have done this many times b4 the cop could even tell, they wore gloves! got fingerprints but they wont theres i bet, oh but i did find a lighter that looks like if fell out there car, so i picked it up and he took it for evidence, i hope and pray they catch them scum bags and put there *** where they belong, idk if we get our stuff back to have them in jail would be good enought for me. (and let me slap them up alittle)...

Well that was my wonderful day...Im not staying here anymore they are givng me half my money back, and im leaving sunday im stayin on base for a week and im leaving and going back to NC, and staying with my parents till matthew graduates in April...That will save us a grand, so it will help. and he understands why i dont want to stay, he wants me safe and he feels i should go home too.... but hope everyone else had a better day then i did which im sure im not alone in this situation....It happens everyday....Pretty sad really.

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sorry then for taking it wrong.

I'm a strong believer in what goes around comes around and I do believe that the people that robbed you will get whats coming eventually.

I do hope things start looking up for you though and I really am sorry. Those people that did this will get whats coming eventually.

well if she comes up here and says that not what i meant by the laughing, then i will say i was wrong and im sorry....

what Lexy pretty much said was "Ha, good luck with that. I've been there done that. It's still dragging on and is going nowhere!" -- you may think shes a smartass but thats on you. everyone on this sight has attitude about certain things and I don't think this was her having attitude at all, but its all with interpretation.

K well im sorry if i reacted wrong to your comment ...but guess i dont like it when ppl put input on my feelings and try to make me feel like what i feel about something is wrong, cuz if deff didnt start this...she did by laughing about my situation.

But I was never trying to be rude or lessen the intensity of what your feeling about this whole situation and you attacked me. And thats when I got mean. Being robbed is an awful situation and I in no way said it wasnt.

when is laughing about what happend to me, not looking for a fight?....How did i start this?.....its ****** up shes a smartass and i dont like her...she knows that and she still comments with her pety remarks

well I'm not looking for a fight and she may respond however she'd like. It truly does just flat out sucks!! no one was being mean to her. in my oppinion it was a miscommunication and misplaced anger for the guys that did this to her and her husband! what they did was wrong, no doubt!

Leah, she isnt going to respond well to the first half of what you said. I know because thats exactly what I said in my first comment about what Lexy said. I was really trying to be nice but as I said I think she looks for a fight.

Des I think your anger is really being misplaced right now. You're taking what happened out on Lexy and Heather (I believe is her name) they were trying to relate to you. <br />
<br />
What happened to you and Matt sucks. And I'm sorry you have to go home because of it. It sounds like other girls feel bad too. It's not sympathy, its just saying they are sorry this happened.

Since when is "not cool" a factual statement? That's all opinion.

i dont need your sympathy... and what i said was fact....& you donno the situation about relocating...its basically not an option bc of the price and he wants me to move back home so i will be safe and to save us a grand on rent cuz were having to spend money bc of this stupid ****...so say what u want it really dont matter lol

Geez girl I was in no way trying to be mean. I made it clear that what your dealing with is really unfortunate and that it sucks that your going through it. I really think you just look for a fight.<br />
<br />
Ya looking back I do realize I should have reported it. But back then I had a lot going on and figured it would just be more craziness to add to my life. My mistake. You dont get to judge me for that though. If you want to start throwing out personal opinions I can do that too. Like all the whining and complaining you did about being away from your husband and your going to let this run you back home when you could just relocate down where you are, really? If your going to start whining again about distance I am going to have no sympathy for you.

and?? why would it matter to you if i did or not...your not gonna enlighten me and make me look at the comment differently u know that so why even put 2 cent in on that...butttt<br />
<br />
Not reporting something like that is dumb on your part, thats evidence they could use for maybe not just your situation but they could have ****** up and left some trail that would lead to them and it would have gotten scum bags in trouble for what they do, cuz im sure thats not the first time they did that...you just go off like it didnt even happen...not cool

Desiree I think you took Lexi's comment to seriously. She was saying that she could relate and basically not to get your hopes up when it comes to anything being done.<br />
<br />
I had my car broken into when it was still full of stuff when I was in the process of moving and so I had a lot stolen from me. I couldnt even give an accurate list of what was gone because so much was. I had no faith in the cops in my area and so I didnt even file a report. Its definitely a sucky thing to have to deal with.

Thanks to everyone else that actually has compassion for this ****** situation....It really means alot!!

Im glad this story amuses u lexy...and i know they prob will never find them and it's a slap on the wrists if they do... but really a (lol) infront of your comment...i tried to be nice to you after that whole thing but yours just a complete *****.

Aw i know that feeling so well! Jas and i got robbed like right after he went to boot i felt so violated and my privacy went up in smoke and i'm still waiting for the call where they say oh we found them! Its hard to get over that but i'm glad u getting away from them i really hope things work out for u and stuff gets better!

wow yeah it is freaking amazing what people will do for a living my sisters father inlaw almost had his truck takin apart to the guys excuse was he was taking a nap i mean wtf kind of lie is that but anyways hope that they do find them and you get your truck repaired