Ugh Sooo I'm Lonely Today

idk what the heck is going on with me.  I'm in the dumps tonight.  I am sick and tired of this deployment. He comes home sometime soon and i'm at the homestretch.  I should be happy right?  I just started working for a bank as a teller now, its a lot of information i'm not going to lie, but i love having a job to tell you the truth.  but i'm just so tired.  this transfering schools business is really dificult and i'm getting scared im never going to have a degree.  I'm getting my associates this semester, if i pass this one class, but idk blah.  i can always not pass.  I screwed up my sophomore year grades last year with all this bs that was happening with my family, blah my grades aren't the worst but they are no where NEAR where they should be I know i could do so much better aldjllajdffjl  i just feel like poop.

I feel like i haven't saved enough money, i feel that this move to NC is going to be extremely difficult, that transferring schools is going to eat me alive.  Yall am i getting cold feet?  I feel like marrying into the USMC is worrisome.  They make a pentince, there's deployments so many lonely nights.  Blah i'm just feeling like crap


Is this normal anyone else feel/felt like this?

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Growing up is intimidating! Brians heading home right now and we have soooooo many things to think about. We've got a lot of choices and changes and obstacles coming our way (he's getting out of the Marines in 6 months) and at this point I'd love to go back to Jr. High and ask if they'll let me come back for three more years. Hah, I know that would be a total cop out...but nothings simple anymore. <br />
I know once he makes it to CA and I go out there, none of it will matter quite as much but deployments just give us too much time to think!<br />
He'll be home soon hun, calm down :) Congratulations on the job too!

I second what Caitlin said.

yeah girl i know believe me!! i couldnt sit still for two sec last time chris came home....imma lose my damn mind this time lol!!! hahaha your doing great...go treat yourself to something just for you! :)

awwww thanks girlies! i def needed a pick me up........ this ish gets annoying lolol and yeah i'm starting to believe that the homestretch is the worst/best part lol i've never been anxious like this

awwww nat girl, hang in there you are almost there!!!! just relax and are almost there and trust me the homestrech is the most nerve become anxious and all that good **** got a job and thats stressful, but trust me when vlad gets home itwill all be have done an amazing job this deployment and its just wearing you down. i feel your pain girl...dont worry you are doing an amazing job...dont stress the USMC so much just pray like hell and find your inner fierceness!! :) bahahaha and if you ever need to call or text and just talk im here for you hunny!

OOH POOP, aww natalie!!! YOU CAN DO IT. I believe in you, I'm not sure about the whole cold feet thing. I think this deployment is just wearing you down. You're so lucky it's almost over!!!! I think things will be better once vlad finally gets home. Hey, that's cool you got a job at a bank!!! You just need to relax and take it day by day. I'm having the whole grade problem/ the not enough money problem right now.. it makes me want to do this >> KLAJDFKALFJIOAWEURJIFOKSDMAJCKSDJLK. I feel your pain somewhat. Just hang in there woman!! Look how far you've come!!! :)