okay...so me and my friend have been planning a trip to Arizona to see my man. me and my friend are paying are paying for our own plane tickets  and shes paying her own hotel room and he was suppst to pay for ours. he informs me tonight that he cant pay for it because he dont have much money!! If he wouldnt have blown it all everything would be fine. but no. he had to go spent $500 to go stay 2 nights in vegas with his friends and get drunk!!! i cant even express how mad i am right now!!! we have had this planned for 2 months!! i understand him wanting to have fun but hes gotn paid 4 times since we started planning this!!! He cant manage money AT ALL!!! $500 to go party with your friends instead of seeing your girlfriend...wtf???

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wow im sorry, i'd be pissed too...my guy and i were planning on going philly on the worst weekend to fly out to because of the horrible winter weather (vday weekend) and even though his tickets got refunded because the flights got cancelled because of the weather, mine didnt because I had to cancel my own flight because the first flight was to lax then to phl...and even though he goes out and parties he wont give me back the $ for the ticket (HE was the one begging me to go there and now that the flights got cancelled hes saying hes not gonna return the $...ugh) men are indeed stupid.

lmao. i had to tell him that he gats paid right before we get there and hes gonna pay for it out of that check.

Aw i'd be furious! Whats going to happen now!