Female Marines Are Fn Life Ruiners

I really hate this lurking MARRIED female marine around J.  It's taking everything in me not to drive out to where she is and punch her in the head.

Tbozz Tbozz
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hey! we arnt all bad, dont let a couple of the female marines give us all a bad name. but i will be honest i have met my share that i dont like too, but just keep in mind that we arnt all the same, and tbozz not all of us r trying to have more "testosterone" then guys. sorry to disappoint u there.

Ok. Regarding your last comment, you're absolutely right. Can't make a man do anything he doesn't want to. I just, over time, from hearing all the horror stories, have developed a strong dislike towards women with higher testosterone levels than men who **** like men AKA FEMARINES. How is life? How old is Taylah now? Six?

i wasnt trying to start a debate about anything .. i was just saying ... despite any old drama nice to see you too boo ...

If you're insinuating something about Mr. Gap Tooth, stop short cuz I'm not getting into a debate about that. Anyway, regardless of prior beef, nice to "see" you.

cant take a man that doesnt want to be taken .. you know that tiffy ... a man that doesnt wanna take the bait wont, youve experienced that 1st hand ...

Oh, it is a long wonderful story! She has a child with her husband. While he was away on deployment, she was going out to bars and messing around and decided she didn't want him back after so she got restraining order against him, claiming he wasn't the same person. It may be true. Nonetheless, switched her base to one states away from him and won't allow him to see her. She is apparently in love with J and her and her sister write things like "I love you baby" on his facebook under every single post he has up there. It's annoying. Really, though? Your sister? How about you both get a life?

OMG, there's this MARRIED CHICK who hangs out with Chris' freshly divorced (actually not even divorced YET)s roommate!!! She's not a female marine but, HER HUSBAND IS IN AFGHAN. apparently chris' roommate invited her to their party last night and she was all over his roomie and flirty with everyone.. tried to be with chris, he didn't let that happen and just didn't talk to her. wtf though, she's married. Chris' roommate and her are pieces of **** in my eyes. I do know a female marine though, she used to lurk around chris... that stopped. she's literally PSYCHO (long story lol) and now her and her husband are getting a divorce as well. they're both crazy. Good luck with the lurker.. .it makes me mad just hearing that!!

Lol i know i shouldn't be laughing u just have a way with words! I spoke to jason the other day and he said he saw this really short dude then the dude turned round and it was a girl apprentely by all accounts they pretty scary so good luck with the lurking marine girl!

ahaha. I haven't had any problems with female marines yet, but when if do I am sure I will drive to punch them in the face too. Everything will be okay:)