They Give Me Fire! Enregalia Loves Me Still!!!!

I am barely on this site anymore, but what stays consistent is EnRegalia NOW "SuperUpperEchelon" still stalks me commenting a post from a year ago and sending me messages calling me names like cow, ***** and billy goat.  Meanwhile, she has me blocked so I cannot respond.  Here's to you, you urchin.  Over thirty and still looking like the same eleven year old anorexic boy!!!!

Tbozz Tbozz
22-25, F
4 Responses Feb 27, 2010

***** I didn't bother YOU!!!!! It was only after you non<x>stop commented my **** and consistently changed you fn SN so that you could message me, while still having me blocked!!!!!!! <br />
<br />
This is my way of responding, but you're right, I am giving you too much attention! Why don't you go away instead of popping up non<x>stop and sending me messages?

yea shes crazy i was kind of honored to have a group made after me haha she just is plain out CRAZY

I don't remember. Kimmy probably knows. All I know is I commented something some other weirdo wrote and she didn't like our group so she jumped in and called me names. I even had a group named after me so did Kimmy!

***** messaged me the other day i blocked her im not about to deal with her **** again