Rough Couple Days

HEy everyone as most of you know i found out i was pregnant not to long ago after trey left to go back to afghan after R&R well i was having issues which i have experience 2 times before on wendesday and on thursday i went to the doctors and they told me i was 70% chance of misscarring and to back on monday to see my levels again well last night i went to the hospital after having HORRIBLE cramping and bleeding so i went to the emergancy room and they gave me the news that i did misscarry which totally devistated me so i just havent been up to doing anything today but trey is trying to keep me positive that we can try it again he will get to be there FOR EVERYTHING which he really wants so im trying to stay positive!!!

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I'm really sorry to hear that amber. At least he'll be home soon and you'll be able to try again!!! Everything happens for a reason.

no they dont know why but i am going to my doctor on monday and telling them to do a bunch of test soo yeah i will find out if there is reason other then stress. and im amazed at how strong i have been through this as well i was a puddle of mud the last 2 times soo this time i guess i sorta felt coming i told my friends that and when i went to the doctor and they confirmed my suspision and my husband has been very very supportive and kept me as positive as i can be and he wants to be there for everything anyway soo he is reminding me of that <br />
<br />
and lexy I love you too and i will deffinutly let oyu know if i need anything :) thanks everyone for the support!

omg I'm sorry have they told you if theres a specific reason why?

Oh hun I'm so sorry! All these girls are right about everything happening for a reason!!! Wish you and Trey the best in trying again!!! It'll happen

Thanks girls yeah i plan on getting myself as healthy as i can and when trey gets home in a month or so trying again!

I'm sooo sorry! I'm glad that he has been there for you and is trying to keep your hopes up. Sometimes stuff just happens that we can't explain but I believe that everything happens for a reason. Just keep loved ones by your side through this and you can get through it. I'll be keeping both of you in my prayers!