The Day Ive Been Dreading...his Deployment!

so we've been spending more nd more time on the phone, spent 5 days together while he was up here. inspeperable the whole time. he knows ive been dreading this day ever since he told me and i was really hoping it would never come. but today is that day. last night i was exhausted from my new job nd i knew i was going to pass out on him before we really got to talk, and i actually went to sleep mad at him. woke up at 6 am with 8 text messages all from him tellin me how he loves me nd how he's so afraid that im going to leave him while he is there nd that they dont have internet at his camp so he gave me the mailing address. i was so afraid that i was too late that i let him leave while i was mad at him. i got a voicemail from him that i saved saying how he loves me nd he misses me nd he'll see me in seven months nd how he isnt sure if they have phones where he is going to be. no matter how hard i tried to prepare for this nd now it came im not ready for this but theres nothing id rather do then work my *** off while hes away keep myself totally busy til he gets home nd i actually move to where ever he is going to be stationed. he texted me while i was on my break at work perfect timing his flight was about to take off. so atleast he knew  i wasnt mad and that i love him too. i cant stop thinkin about him now and ive tried writing him letter number one nd i keep gettin choked up nd start crying everytime i cant even get thru the first letter let alone the first day i feel so alone so empty i mean my brothers already there but justins in the feild nd is no where near my brother..i keep gettin so worked up i gotta end this im sorry

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Deployment is a sucky thing. I just recently began the deployment journey with my husband. They say the first month is the hardest. With me I find I do really well until that moment hits where I'm just suddenly not doing good anymore. Where I just want to cry and fly over there and bring him home. I've been trying to keep busy and it really does help. But I already cannot wait until my husband is in my arms again.