So Isaac just got news that he is in MOS 6400 and just arrived at Pensacola, Florida this weekend :)

I know that it is quite a common MOS to get and things change drastically all depending on what job he gets.. but I was wondering, if his MOS school stretches on until next year.. will he get leave to come home during Thanksgiving or Christmas? Has any of you been through anything like this before? If so, I'm looking forward to hearing past experiences where they actually get to come home! Till classes begin again :D

I am really hoping he gets to come back home for at least a week to celebrate the holidays with family and also, I get to be with him =]

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i think he was at each for about 3 months..ill have to ask him n let you know. i have a short memory. lol. when he came home for Christmas he was already in Arizona working not in school so he only got to come home for 10 days. As for you knowing the exact dates your man comes home...you wont know till he does. hell have to request leave and tell you the dates. =)

hi Ana! Ooo your bf hasn't gone for boot camp yet! It sure feels a long way since Isaac graduated from boot camp last Oct. He's doing aviation mechanics, but the number 6400 is just general.. later on, they'll specify into 64xx, with the x's indicating what his specialised/real MOS job will be ;) <br />
However, your bf might not get this MOS since it's subject to change anytime. We all thought and he was informed that he was gonna do MOS 6694 (aviation logistics) way back when he was in boot camp. When he flew there to Georgia, he landed this new MOS b/c there weren't any places left for that job :( so now, he's in Pensacola.<br />
When is your Marine leaving?<br />
<br />
helloooo Jessica! Thanks for writing! :)<br />
How long did Anthony stay in Pensacola and NC?<br />
Haha.. I assume that he has been in MOS school since last year, knowing from you that he managed to come home for Christmas! how long did he have? =]<br />
and what date exactly did he managed to get leave? I need those very important dates b/c I need to book my flight in advance! :D :D :D<br />
aww.. if he gets to choose to come home for Thanksgiving too.. it'll be great if I can see him earlier :)

hey! i'm ana and my bf hasn't gone off to boot camp yet UGH! buttttt his MOS is mechanical options something or another and his ssgt said he'd be in pensicola fl.. what does your marine do? cause idk what the numbers mean hahaha.. =)

Hey! im jessica and my Marines name is anthony. He was in Pensacola then went to North Carolina and hes in Arizona now. he'll more than likely get to come home for christmas.. idk bout Thanksgiving. when Anthony was still doing the schooling he got to come home for Christmas and Memorial day weekend and Labor Day weekend. He didnt get to come home for Thanksgiving but I think that was just cuz he wanted to save money to come home for christmas.