i have a question, my finacee is in MCT right now and gets out next week. then he'll go to school for 4 months.

I haven't talked to him, so idk anything... but i was wondering when do they usually know where they're getting stationed?

at the very end of MOS school, or does it all depend?


thanksssss (:


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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

Im not sure if it depends on his MOS or not but my boyfriend gets done with his school on March 24th and finds out wednesday...hopefully! but some people before him didnt find out until 3 days before they left. I have 2 friends that are in the corps too and they didnt find out until the end of their school, so im guessing thats how it is with all of them.....but then again im not sure! Whats his MOS?