It's Been A Good Day :]

So tonight I went and had dinner with kieth's family. I've already gotten to know kieth's parents really well over the last year and few months but tonight i got the chance to get to know his sisters more, whom i've only met a few times since they've both moved out of kieths parents house quite a while ago. It was my first time over there since kieth left 2 months ago. It was weird not seeing him :/ I'm really thankful though that his family all likes me a lot. I realize not everyone has that. and I feel extremely lucky. Kieth's mom taught me how to make a casserole ha. it was quite interesting.

My mom thinks it's weird that I went over there for dinner when he's not even there. I dont feel like it was. I actually had a really good time. My mom thinks things are too serious for my age. I'm 18 in a month.. I realize i'm young still, but I really care about this boy. I'm not planning way ahead into the future. I really don't want to even think about marriage for a few years, but I know right now that I love him. And I would love to try to make things work. For a while I was worried about how things would be when I go to college next year, but now I feel confident about it, my relationship with kieth just feels..right. I feel like everythings falling into place. I know theere will be some difficult times ahead, but I feel in the long run they'll be worth it. :]

Again thank you to all, who gave me advice earlier. It was very much appreciated :] hope everyone is doing well!  

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i dont think its weird...chris mom and sister took me out for my bday dinner bc they knew he wasnt here...its the perfect way to get to know him and them a little more hahaha...and chris was soooo happy when he heard i did that! hhahaha hes knows i was scared of his mother....shes Master Guns hahaha... little lady+still a marine= scary at first.....hahaha but shes sooo sweet!

I am 18:d and i love going to my boyfriend's house; he is away at bootcamp but i love his family. Idont think it is weird it acutally helps u miss him less. Plus i think he is going to like it when he finds out you spent time with his family:D keep safe:D

yeah, i go over to my guys house (Jeremiah) for holiday dinners, and sometimes just to hang out. Not weird at all (: glad to know your doing good.