so jared is able to keep his phone, starting tonight and i love it! we were talking all night which completely made up for the day i was having (major drama that i got stuck in the middle at work and my best friend being so dramatic).

he graduates from mct on tuesday, then stays in nc because the corps is still undecided about his mos but is in the middle of transitioning. he went completely back to his old self; being the cute, goofy, perverted jared i know lol, but then he told me his grandpop is dieing=[ i asked if he was ok and of course i knew he was lying when he said he's fine. i felt so bad when he told me no one is going to family day and graduation and if i could take time off of school, trust me i'd be there in a heartbeat. other than that things are going good between us, thank god. i started school 2 weeks ago and absolutely love it!!! it makes my week go by fast and its something i love to do! my birthday is this saturday coming up and im so excited! friday, my friends and i are going out clubbing. saturday; going to my niece's 2nd birthday (yea there's 3 of us on 1 day) and then going to see alice in wonderland with my sister and brother in law. im more excited for a package that's coming for me from jared's aunt! i asked about her knee update (she's suppose to get surgery), so she updated me then went into talking about how she's sending me a birthday present. so we fought over facebook which led to her winning because it has to deal with jared and its something no one else has, i'm not going to want to return it. apparently aunt's know but don't always remember=] so im excited!

hope you all are doing well! sorry i dont get on here much to read your blogs, but those who are on facebook, keep my updated!

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Feb 28, 2010