The Good Goes With The Bad

Hey girls! So after the “money issue” I had with my mom I eventually phoned her and was like ok here is the deal and I explained everything the trips the costs the Jason and me not seeing each other and basically us saving as much as possible and why I only visited twice a year.  Eventually I told her that I would also feel like a complete *** if I went to go visit them and not Jason especially because he was about to graduate again. To my complete surprise my moms like ok I understand I never thought about it in that way and you right.  She then said I hope that because you getting married your random visits will not stop I told her that if I could afford more visits I would be there more often and I missed having them around all the time but I knew they were there and that meant a lot to me! and I knew she understood cause the last time she came down she even said “OH my god why is it so expensive to visit my own daughter?” her words not mine. But I think we cool now!

There’s is also a lot of wedding bells ringing around lately this month is probably one of the most eventful months ever I really have no idea whether I’m back to front or inside out! This weekend we had a bachelorette party for one of my friends she’s getting married on Saturday and at the same time I’m organizing a baby shower for one of my other friends for the 20th and a another bachelorette party for another friend and her wedding is on 27th then there’s a christening on the 4 April and I’m still planning my wedding it’s fun times I tell you! then there’s also work I have mountain loads of work because we already preparing for year end!

Otherwise I spoke to Jason last night again and this time for like an hour.  I was telling him about wedding stuff after a while I was like Jason do you really want to hear this and he said yup tell me everything I want to hear everything I need a distraction. So I distracted him and we started speaking about kids and we both want two kiddies but later on and he keeps saying I cant wait to start our little family which was pretty much when I realized something was up so I asked him and he said we got told today that we getting deployed in December so from when I get back its training all the time but we at least have sometime together we decided that we may as well wait until his deployment is over and then try but not before it’ll be to soon.

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

lol its like you in my head! it never works though have you noticed that?

I think u tiring yourself out on purpose! Its cool i do it too! I'm glad you sorted it out with your family!