Proud Of Him! <3

My hubby is getting promoted to LCpl today!!!

Im so proud of him more and more each day, his is a wonderful husband and a KICK *** MARINE!!!



But, on another note i finally relocated to a better hotel, and its right outside the base, i couldnt stay on base bc of my dog. :/ which you would think them places would allow dogs, but there retarted! but this place is very nice... i do leave next monday to head back to NC, not ready to leave him but gotta do what we gotta do  ya know? he will be graduating in April and taking leave, and then we both go 2 our PDS, so i see him soon!!

Im so glad things are looking up after what happend to us...I have to not think about it, cuz i get so heated i just wanna punch ****...i swear if i would have seen it happening i would have jumped out that window like a spider monkey!! lol...Neways hope everyone has a good week, I get matt for one more whole weekend :) idk what were gonna do..? welp im outta here!


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4 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Little Rock AFB....hes here finishing up the rest of his schooling

thanks!!! =) yes the extra money is ALWAYSSSS great haha

I am!! :) its like perfect timing, after what happend to us...the extra money will really help...but congrats for him too!!!

YAY i know how proud you are of him!!! My fiance gets promoted tomorrow to LCpl!!!