Update &....do They Get To Check Text Messages During Mct If They Earn A Phone Call?

OK so you guys have heard about the break me & my bf are having right? Well, I did some thinking and I know I was pretty mad that he was hiding stuff from me. Then again, he has proven that he loves me in more ways than I can imagine. I guess I was just majorly pissed off last week. I just want to give him a chance to talk and I want to talk with him and see what directions our relationship is going in. I don't want to lose him. He did everything he could to not lose me, and we love each other too much. I just need him to be open and honest with me and that's all I ask for.

So...this wait really sucks right now because I want to discuss the status of our relationship and just talk with him you know? He's been at MCT for exactly one week now. I sent him a ton of texts saying things to him that I want him to see so badly. I also do not know his address nor have I heard from him. He is currently at Camp Lejeune.

Do people actually mail from MCT considering it's so short?

I know that they can get calls if they earn them, but I want to know if they can recieve text messages once they have their cellphone.

Thanks :)

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6 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I think it all depends because lucas would sneak a text in everyday and call me every Saturday and Sunday. I know there is a calendar somewhere that shows what the guys are scheduled to do everyday

i get texts everyday

My husband never got to use his phone the whole time, and he wrote me 3 letters....He got to call one time and he had to use his sgts phone, just to be sure i made it there to see him when he graduated....

soo i guess i'll just suck it up & wait for the 4 weeks to go by. i do think it's kinda pointless to write letters. just this break and the uncertainty is killing mee. :(<br />
well, maybe now we can work out everything and see whats best for us. <br />
i just hope he sees those text messages sometime soon :(.

when he gets a phone call, he'll use his own phone... So yeah he'll see them if they give him his phone. i hear some people do letters, but its pretty pointless. mines out of MCT next week and only got to call once in the 3 weeks he's been there.

The only time that you will be able to talk or text will be on Sundays..but its not for sure that it'll be every sunday. You can send letters, but he wont be able to write back everyday if at all.