I Am So Confused!!!

alright so im reading from some that mct school is only 4 weeks long!?!?!

I dont really ask these specific questions to my boyfriend because i ask too many already and i never really wanted to know since i knew whatever he was going to do was required by the marines..... but he left after his 10 day leave from boot camp to go to california as most of you know. He will be there till the end of this month. The thing is from the time he started there to the time he will end he will have been out there 10 weeks! Thats a lot longer than just 4.

Im wondering if anybody knows why this may be or whats up with this situation. Im just pretty curious so any help would be amazing. =)

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6 Responses Mar 1, 2010

if he is infantry hes not in MCT hes in SOI and that is his MOS schooling and MCT training all in one....thats why hun

well from what i know if he has a infantry MOS then its longer but if he has a regular one then its 4 weeks

lol yeah everytime i have a question i mostly come on here too.

Hes infantry....Thats why its that long....

My husband went to MCT Feb. 9th and Graduates March 9th and also went to California. It goes by fast than you think though :) Hang in there :)

is your Marine Infantry? I know thats longer than MCT but my fiancee is at MCT right now, and its only 4 weeks, got there Feb 9th, leaves March 9th lol