My Story O My Marine And Me

Well my name is Brittney!

My Marine is currently at Camp Geiger right now and and in a few weeks will be shipped to mo. We were told by July he will be in Afghanistan.

We were bestfriends in high school and have always been close with eachother. I am so proud to call him mine and I wouldnt change his decision to join for anything in the world!!!

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Hey i'm Storm and AJ is my boyfriend we grew up together and have been best friends for like forever but only got together last year its probably the best decision we have ever made. AJ is deploying later on this year we not entirely sure when though! Anyway welcome and i'm here if u need anything!

Hey Brittney i'm Sam and Jason is my fiance we've been together for three years and getting married in July! Jason is also at Camp Grieger and the moment and he's also heard the July rumor but last weekend his Sargent told them it'll be Dec/ Jan so we just have to wait and see!! Anyway welcome!!