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so i dont know if u gurls have read my other stories but charlie and i have been doing fine and he wanted to get married soon. My family wasnt really onboard with it all but they understand that its our life. Well this weekend he went out with his buddies and since then he is being wierd. He talked to me for barely an hour over the weekend when that is when we normally talk for hours. He told me that im not the only person in his life that he needs to talk to and stuff and i understand that but it was just wierd that he wouldnt talk to me. then last night he was acting like that again and he was like it is what it is. I asked him if he cares about our relationship anymore and he said no cuz life will go on if he is with me or not. It just came as such a shock because before this weekend he was completely different. He changed his status to single but never even told me that we broke up. Im just not sure what to do anymore. He changes his personality so much it seems. and i know that hes stressed out but that doesnt give him the right to treat me like a dog.

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yay!!!! glad you told him and he stopped being a butthead!

so he talked to me nicely today! I laid everything out on the line and told hi that im not going to be treated like this. He started telling me how he cant stand it in aberdeen and he just wants to be done with school. HE said that when he signed his papers he said he wants to go japan and then he switched it to east coast and hes getting his orders soon. HEs scared that he is going to be based in japanand doesnt want to be away from me for that long so he thought that if he would just end it now it would be easier. then he said that it is just making him even more stressed now that he did that to me. I want to work everything out and just slow things down a bit cuz i dont want thisto happen again. I love him and i am willing to work on everything but he has to know that im not going to be treated badly no matter how stressed he gets.

He sounds pretty confused right now...but there is no reason to treat you like that, he can be mature about it and act like an adult..Im sorry hes bein a d-bag but, do what u have to do to be happy maybe your parents were just not sure about this guy thats why they were not ok with the fact that your were getting married and if hes acting like that they were prob right...

wow thats really really not ok that he just changed his status and didnt even tell you. im sorry hes acting so weird. honestly that doesnt seem like a person that deserves you if hes going to treat you like that.

Aw girl i'm sorry. U know what i think u should way out the odds here do u really want to be with him! Think about carefully if u do fight for him if not then make a decision and stick to it u don't deserve to be treated like that but he might also just be going through a crap time as well! Its a decision only u can make! Good luck i really hope things turn out for the best!