So he's stressing himself out b/c its rifle week at boot camp and he puts more pressure on himself than they probably are b/c he always wants to do his best and always puts more pressure on himself than anyone when he wants to do something so I'm trying to calm him down but this is him and I can't do it for him so I hope and pray this week went as well as possible for him.......... We have 4 more weeks and I'm so ready to have him in my arms again so badly and his mom doesn't like the fact that we are getting married while he is home on his 10 days leave so whatever he told me he doesn't care about what she thinks course neither do I but I don't want to have to deal with her mouth while he is home so I got a feeling he might whined up staying at my folks house with me which won't bother me one bit  and we know they don't give you base housing allowance during his schooling but I might still go with him we will figure that out while he is home.....................so thats the update and this weather is gonna make his letter late I HATE SNOW WITH A PASSION!

shenell4ever shenell4ever
18-21, F
Mar 2, 2010