Holy Crap! So Excited I Feel Dizzy!

i talked to brandon and hour ago and now im going to san deigo for the weekend!! i made a joke, i was like damn snow, i want to come to san diego again!! and he was like well some of the guys are having their girlfriends out this weekend. and i was like the weekend in 3 days?? omg yes! so now im going and i thought last time was the last time i would see him but this time will be the last time!!! lol sry that didnt make sense but oh my freaking god i am soooooo extrememly excited! kinda feel like im going to throw up lol is that weird? probably! i dont care im sooo happy right now! i hope you ladies have the best night and day ever tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

lithfi lithfi
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7 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Hahah no I'm going it wasn't a dream but it was so out of the blue so i just didn't believe it lol

Lol ok i just read your comment are serious was this whole thing a dream?

Yay have fun! Thats awesome!

Thanx!!!!!! I woke up this morning and was all freaked our that it was a dream lol. Yay!

Lol aw yay suprise visits are always cool have an absolute ball with him!

Have fun with that :] <br />
<br />
i'm allison btw. ha. i turn 18 next month. Kieth is 19 and is currently at boot camp in san diego.

Aww wow girl thats awesome!! Have funnn!!!