Ok I know this is a very controversial topic butttttt I'm just looking for ideas right now not so much opinions :) lol I already know all the what if's and everything lol. So me and my husband have talked about this for over a year now and want to actually do it before this deployment....we want to get some type of tattoos that symbolize us as a couple or just each other or our marriage and we just can't decide what to get. We're going to each get one, they don't have to be the exact same but we want them to kind of go together at if anyone has any ideas for any I'd love to hear em! :) Thanks girlies...hope everyone is having a good night!!

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Thanks :) I really like both of those ideas!

I think getting a matching Tattoo is a great idea, or something that reminds you of your Husband...Asimsox has a great idea as far as a tattoo. Before My fiance left to Afghanistan I got "Semper Fi My Love"....Letting him know I will always be Faithful ;) Its not to creative but he loved it and everytime I see it i think of him. Its on my Lower left side (stomach)......Hope you have some luck in Ideas ;)

My ex and I share a matching tattoo.. it reads "amor vincit omnia" it means "love conquers all" in Latin<br />
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The nice thing about this tattoo is though we aren't together anymore it's still a beautiful tattoo (also I do not hate my ex so I don't mind sharing this with him)<br />
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Plus I like the idea of "love conquers all" with my guy now because we are facing deployment soon too and the only thing that can keep a relationship going is love<br />
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anyway it's just an idea.. good luck with whatever you choose!