I'm Bored!!!!

So I’m so bored I could literally start poking my eyes out for some fun and entertainment!!! But I’ve been spoilt I’ve spoken to AJ like everyday hehe!! But because of the boredom factor I have been over thinking because I can and had the time and that’s when I discovered something really weird about my family – we have a pattern and it’s a freaky one!! Check this out: ooo family secrets lol I’m kidding

  • My mom and her family immigrated to America when she was 13.

  • My parents met when they were 16

  • They got married when they were 19

  • Jason was born when my mom was 22

  • I was born when my mom was 25.

  • Jason’s first kiss was when he was 13.

  • Jason had his first serious girlfriend was when he was 16.

  • Jason travelled the world when he was 19 for three years.

  • Jason joins the Police academy at 22

  • Jas and Sam met when they were 22.

  • Jas and Sam got together when they were 25.

  • Jas got promoted to Detective Inspector at 25

  • Jas and Sam were friends for three years before getting together

  • Jas became a Marine in the third year they together

  • Jas and Sam got engaged three years after they got together

  • Jas and Sam have 3 bridesmaids and Groomsmen

  • Jas and Sam are getting married 3 July.

  • Jas will be 29.

  • At 13 I became a cheerleader

  • My first kiss was when I was 16.

  • My first semi serious boyfriend was when I was 19.

  • I travelled for three months after school

  • I went to Harvard at 19 and AJ joined the army.

  • At 22 AJ enlists into the marines. I have a BIG year!!

  • At 25 AJ gets deployed and we have our first kiss

  • Six months later he comes back and we get together

  • My birthday is on the 3rd February

  • AJ’s birthday is on the 23 March

  • Aarons birthday is on the 6th June

  • Jasons birthday is on the 19 April

  • Sam birthday is 20 November (she missed it by one day but we’ll include her anyway!!)

The three year pattern family lol any quickly after last week I’m pretty much house bound and not to go anywhere!!! Hence the boredom!!! Anyway I hope you all good apparently my blood is clear of malaria virus I still have to take it easy for a couple more weeks YAY!!! anyway enjoy your day!!!!

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3 Responses Mar 3, 2010

lol i know it took hours to freaking work out and i had nothing else to do so that was fun! Sam i am so not the worst patient u might have something on the going insane part though lol!!

wow!!!! That is impressive thoughts all put together! Really cool! Yay for boredom sometimes! Lol

U know what they say about doc's being the worst patients well they were right u proof to of it! Lol u not normal dude! Just try and freaking relax please i'll pop round later on to provide u with some entertainment! See u later!!