Ive been thinking latley that i might be joining the AF reserves...but not really sure how that would work out with matthew being an active duty Marine?

I do know if i become active duty we will get seperated to different duty stations and i dont want that..but wanna go to college, and i know this will help out, and i want to feel proud of myself, cuz latley i feel like im just sitting around waiting and doing nothing with my life, and i feel like i need to grow up.

I really wanna be an x-ray tech... :)



Semper Fi Ladies!

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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

Hey so you have to first make a decision and then speak to a recruiter and see what your options are. Personally I joined DWB and because i'm a resident to become a doctor AJ and i do have that extra pressure of making it work but has been so i wouldn't anything. What i'm saying is yes its hard but it is doable just think it through carefully there's no reason why u cant follow your dreams!