Help You Guys!!!

so Zack just gave me the info that when he comes home in 2 weeks there is going to be a wedding... haha just a court house one til i can plan my dream one... we aint telling our friends and family which really sucks but my mom would kill me. plus his mom dont "approve" of me... anywho... i dont know what to wear so i was hoping yall could help :))

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haha its ok thanks :))

oh crap! i didnt realize the date on this lol....congrats anyway!! :)

he thats for the advice we just went to the court house nothing big really. i just wore a stripless dress cause it was such a pretty weekend. and since he was in his dress blues i wore the same color blue shoes :) proud wifey status :))

wow thats crazy about his mom! good luck with that lol. <br />
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im a big 1950s buff, so i like the simple tea length dresses. its classic and kinda Jackie-O/Audrey Hepburn and i love it! we'll probably run away to vegas and get married in a little chapel lol...eventually we will plan something nice for the family. <br />
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steal my idea if u'd like :)

haha that pray for you song is her ringtone on my phone haha that and biotch alarm haha i cant help it i tried to like her but once you try to get my boyfriend to cheat on me with his x i just dont like you.. lol

yea something nice but simple, a nice dress or skirt or something like that. sorry his mom doesnt approve of you but if you love him thats allll that counts!