Please Pray

in a blog that i posted a couple of days ago, i told you ladies that things with jared's grandpop dont look so good. well, i talked to his aunt tonight who was told by her husband that there were a ton of cars and his grandparents' house tonight. so, i've been praying like crazy nothing happened. also, some of you know what's going on with my parents' divorce, well things don't look great there either. i'm trying to help my mom pay the bills and it's hard enough that i only work the weekends, i have college loans to pay off starting this month,and my family owes me thousands of dollars. as part of the divorce, we're losing the house so things aren't looking that great. this saturday's my birthday, but as well as my niece's birthday and i'm terrified of going to her party because my siblings and mom aren't going and thinking that my dad is going to show up. im afraid of my dad because of past experiences, so im praying to god he doesn't show up. jared was always my go to guy, but since he's been in the marines i havent told him whats been going on and now with everything with his grandpop, im definitely not saying anything.


on a better note, i received the package from jared's aunt for my birthday. it is a gorgeous "i love my marine" bracelet and i love it. plus, she's ordered us his graduation pictures and i'm totally excited=] can't wait for the weekend to be with my family and friends for my birthday=]

hope you ladies are doing well!

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3 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I would definitely tell him what is going on. Just stay calm while you do it. It will make you feel better and give him a way to help you even though he's gone.

Aw sweety its a lot to deal with i'll keep u in all my thoughts. I really hope things work out!

oh wow thats soo much to have to go through, its nice that you're trying to keep your problems away from him but im sure he would want to know about whats going on. i know you want to keep the stress off of him but at the same time sometimes you really just need to talk to your boy. good luck with everything!! his grandpa is in my thoughts!