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So after a month of not hearing from my boyfriend - i finally got an email this morning!! he said he is okay - but at a place where they dont have phone or internet so i probably wont hear from him for a while. (not really sure how he emailed me to begin with then .. lol) But just to hear that he is okay is enough for me! tomorrow marks 2 months down that hes been deployed. hopefully time will fly by. I've gotten myself into a routine - i work 6 days a week - and on weekdays i work till 5, go to the gym, shower and sleep. sundays are my only days off - which im usually running around doing errands. keeping really busy deffiently helps!

im also applying for grad school this month - wish me luck :)

semper fi

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that's great!! nothing beats those emails or in my case, random 5am phone calls. my Marine mark is in afghanistan too, but he's on the main base. he said that he's antsy to get out and start doing his job instead of sitting around for weeks, but then he took a few munitions runs out to actual afghanistan and he said it's really remote, there's NOTHING out there, so i'm guessing that's where your guy is. i'm julie by the way, and mark's benn gone for 3 weeks. that's GREAT that you're keeping busy! i'm doing that too...working 5 days a week, grad school 2 nights a week, gym, friends, packing care packages & writing letters...the waiting is crazy tho! keep at it girl!

I'm happy for you! I know it was the most exciting moment when you realized you had an e-mail from him...I'd do anything to get one from my man at this point, lol. I, too, have been waiting a month. It stinks, but staying busy does help. I'm on facebook too, so find me and add me there! Search for Amanda Provo...that's me! LOL! I hope you will hear from him again soon, and keep the faith! Good luck with school!

thank you everyone!!!! yep he is in afghanistan sadly =/ but im so proud of him & i just want him home already <br />
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i want to study rehabilition counseling - but my undergrad is media studies - two completely different things, i know haha

hiiii im caitlin sorry i dont remember your name [[there are a lot of girls a lot of stories..]]<br />
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im soooo hapy you got to hear from him and is he in afghan?? if you add tracy add me too to facebook!! hahaha im 5 months in to our 13 month deployment and lemme tell you, you keep up that schedule time will fly!!!! im here if you ever need to talk :):):)<br />
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and GOOD LUCCCKKKK HUN!!! your gunna do fine and get into grad shool im sure!

That is awesome that you got to hear from him. Is he in Afghan? M has been gone for almost 7 weeks and I am still trying to get used to the lack of communication. Send me a message and let me know if you are on Facebook. We need to stick together to get through these tough deployments! I have found that keeping busy definitely makes a huge difference! Good luck on the Grad School app! What are you going to study?<br />
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awww yay!!! i remember that.. lol as long as you know they are OK... nothing else matters... and keeping busy helps sooo much... i was doing, well still am doin the same thing... gym, shower, work, eat, 2nd job. then sleeeep. lol

Glad you heard from him! Your schedule sounds like mine! I work 6 days at week for a Spinal Decompression Doctor and go to the gym, tan and then I have school 4 days out of the week, not to mention our three year old daughter. My Marine left in September and he is already comes home at the end of this month!!!! Keep yourself busy and before you know it, it;ll be time for him to come home!!! Semper Fi!!

glad you got to hear from him! i know the feeling =/ but my everyday patterens are really helping. <br />
ohhrahh :)