Good Newss.

okkk sooo my last post i was worried that roman was going to be deloyed at the end of this month, especially since he just got back.

well... no deployment so far... almost positive not til after april. and im going to visit him in cali on easter weekend. :) im sooo freakin excited. and as far as the engagment news... nothing so far. we are completely broke and he refuses to propose until he can afford the ring HE wants.. not the one i want.. lol but yeahh just a little update letting everyone know whats going on.... :) hope everyone is doing greattt....


if you dont mind post a comment or msg me... let me know how everyone is doing... i miss you girls...


love you all....

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Aw yay i'm glad things are going well for both of you! We good i'm still house bound for the time being but feeling much better. I'm still holding thumbs for your engagement!

im glad everyones doing good.... <br />
<br />
Ughh... YESSS jobs are great!!! ive had the same job since i was in high school. like i got hired on my 18th bday.. lol and ive had 2nd and 3rd jobs here and there... especially when Roman was deployed... and the extra money definitely helped lol.... <br />
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Elizabeth... you could still text me lol.. if you still have my number... <br />
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ughh and yesss i love that he tries to spoil me... but we cant afford it.. but what can i say... i cant get mad about him randomly sending me flowers lol or sending me a necklace... hahaha... oh well. and honestly i would rather a 50cent ring and a full time ilfe with him... lol

aww thats so sweet him wanting to spoil u lol

YAYY! :)<br />
That is great news he isn't deploying yet. Ryan found out a couple weeks ago he is now deploying in sept instead of Dec but that is okay, I am just going to wait to move to Cali now because we were going to live together during the summer but now he is leaving we aren't<br />
and good news I GOT A JOB!! :) TGI Fridays and I start tonight! I am so exciteeddd.