Only 33 days left until Zach graduates. I'm so incredibly proud and I can't wait for that day to get here. He's been a lot busier and hasn't been able to write me as much which I think is making time go so much slower. Luckily I have school and work to keep me busy! On Sunday I went and visited with his family, they are like the best people I know and I love being around them. His mom asked me to fly out with them to his graduation so that was that lol! Umm not really else much to report...The exhaust on my car broke so now I have those fumes going into my car, which obviously isn't good. I'm hoping to have a new car either this weekend or next weekend, i'm just freaking out about the money situation for his graduation =/ any ways I hope all you ladies and your marines/recruits are doing well! Semper Fidelis

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He graduates from San Diego on April 9th =D i'm so ready for it to get here!!!

where is your guy graduating from? mine is graduating from PI on april 2nd :)