High School Sweetheart? Not So Much..

I met Patch (nickname that I still get away with calling him) my junior year of high school, I never got to talk to him during school so I sent him a message, to get the ball rolling, over myspace. We started talking and we discovered we had the same lunch period. We went out to lunch a lot, which mostly consisted of going off campus and sitting in his truck somewhere for twenty minutes. He was around for a while, I would go over and we would watch movies and what not or go out some where on occasion but nothing ever really started, it was a fun fling but I didn't see it happening. After a couple months he ended up moving to his dad's. His parents are separated and he and his step dad don't see eye-to-eye. I kept in contact through the web and texting and I found out he enlisted. When he told me he was going to boot I was devastated. He asked for my address and I gave it to him, I waited everyday for months to hear from him and never did, as my sister put it when she was talking to him recently, part of me died when I realized I wasn't going to hear from him. In August of '08 I got a text from him while I was at work. He explained that he had his address book taken away from him and hadn't memorized my address. We talked for a while and slowly fell out of contact, during the last couple months of '09 he and I started talking sporadically through facebook and he suggested I get skype. I did and we began talking much more. I found out that he was stationed in Japan, and things were okay. I ended up throwing my sleep schedule off so I could talk to him, staying up all night and sleeping during the day. We were both in relationships when we started talking again, I helped him through a really tough break up and he recently did the same for me and still is. I am currently planning a trip to Tokyo to see him this summer and he's back in December. We're both really happy and I am certain in saying that I am the proud girlfriend of a US Marine and I love him dearly.

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Hey im Lydia :) its great to hear how well you guys are doing :) pretty encouraging, my marine's in Japan as well