Soooo..Ramon graduated from MCT this past Tuesday, and even though I wasnt able to go we talked that whole afternoon:). I think today he moves to his new room at Camp Johnson where he will complete MOS. His is Warehouse Clerk(#3051....i think)  and thankfully its only 25 days long. Were doing GREAT:) and we couldnt be any happier! Yesterday was our monthly anniversary (1yr&4months). Hes talked about marriage ALOT!, but were gonna wait until hes settled down and stationed somewhere, and plus im still in high school but I graduate in June! So yea, im really excited about that. Last night while were on the phone talking he told me that they had had a meeting and he was told that they would all deploy..they just dont know when :-(, I knew this was coming,..but I kinda hoped not this soon...


So other than that things are going GREAT!:)

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thank you!! :)