Helllllo Ladies.

How are you wonderful girls?

I hope you're doing well!

I just thought I'd stop by to check in because I'm not around much anymore.

I'm still not a marine girlfriend, but somehow I can't bring myself to delete my account..

I guess it's because I'm thinking one day, I'll actually have some good advice to give to the '15 year old freshman girl' who's seeing her boyfriend off within the next 6 months.. or to anyone for that matter.

So I'll give you a little update;

I know I have my close friends from here on FB.. and if I dont have you send me your shizz and I will. (:


Anyhow, obviously jerk butt Preston and I still arent together, we're not gonna be.. for a long time.. if ever.

I still love him, have feelings for him, care about him.. however you wanna put it.. I can't deny it.

He just got promoted to LCPL the other day, so I'm happy about that for him! :]

We're still friends.. if you'd even say 'friends' more like... aquantiences.. (idk)

He's still this... bi polar Marine who can't make up his mind about what he wants...

or can't find anything to 'make him happy'.. bleh. same ole story.

We don't know when he'll be home, he wants me to fly out to DC for Spring break, but I don't see that happening..

Enough about that.

I see there are some new  ladies on here so I will introduce myself, again and give a brief thingy majigger.

I'm Sarah, 16, Sophomore in High School.

I met my Marine when I was 15, freshman.. he was a Senior. He had just turned 18 when we started talking..

I knew him for about a month before we started dating, it was the typical 'he comes in and saves you from a bad break up' story. 

We had been dating for 6 months the day after he left for bootcamp; I got letters 6 while he was gone  (crappy I know) but they're busy..

He graduated from boot Sept. 18th, (missing my 16th birthday :[ )

He got 17 days leave after bootcamp... left for SOI sometime after that ; he went to Camp Gieiger.

he got to come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ummmm, our one year anniversary was on Dec. 23rd, we broke up Dec. 25th, (yes, that is Christmas for those of you who dont know haha)

The reason we broke up was because he was very rude and uncaring, he would tell me that he didn't know why he didnt care about me like he did before.. he just didnt... so yeah, I'm sure that'd make anyone upset.. there are many other reasons we broke up, I just dont feel like listing them all.

We tried to date after that ... we lasted a week.. he broke up with me on Valenetines day. (suckyyyy)  We decided to call it off for good then..

So as for me ;

I'm in the process of moving on.. I'm talking to Travis. We've been talking for a while but I'm not rushing into anything.

I'm happy... er. I guess anyway. Can't say I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life.. but I'll get there sometime!



Yeah, so if you ladies need anything feel freee to message me, I'm sure yu thought this was pointless.. BUT oh well.


BTW, if you havent seen this, you should check it out!




love you ladies!

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thank you, thank you =-) i hope that you have a good life as welll.. and i probably will stay around.. lol.

awww hun, well it sounds like maybe its a good thing you guys arent together, he sounds like a giant confused butthead. you've always given good advice, i do hope u stick around! good luck with the new boy and everything else in your life, im sure great things will happen for you :)

Awww. that's great =-)<br />
Preston gave me his too.. but I ended up giving it back! haha<br />
<br />
HOw are you?!

Hey! nice to hear from you! Well, me & my marine are having probs right now too. I went on a break with him the day before he left for MCT. We're gonna do a one month break & see how it goes. :)<br />
Life goes on you know? Good thing you're doing better though! Btw, he got me the marine ring! Haha, I was begging to know what he would get :P

haha thank you xD<br />
he's adorable, and i love love love his eyes. haha<br />
<br />
<br />
how are you jo?<br />

Hello my dearest. :)<br />
<br />
I love that you are still around, who says you need to be with preston to be on here?!?<br />
<br />
I'm glad you are doing better though. And though it sounds slightly creepy, you should know that travis is a total cutie. hehe :P

well thank you, thank you (:<br />
i hope everything works out for you and your marine too :]<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
lots of love.

I'm sorry about how he treated you, my pervious boyfriend (not a Marine) treated me like that in the end. His friends were cruel to me, telling me I needed to just get out of his life and more people would like me if I lost weight. Near the end he told me that he didn't like have sex with me and was just doing it because I was willing and it was something to "pass time". Patrick was there for a lot of him, helping me as much as he could, even though it killed him, to keep my relationship going,<br />
You'll find someone to help. The way I moved on was that I told myself that I wasn't going to mope. It was best for me to find someone that would treat me better.<br />
If you want to talk, message me I'll be willing to share more about my story and listen to yours.

Im sorry things didnt work out for you and him :( but i hope things will turn out great for you..you deff deserve it !!...& no i didnt see this as pointless...