Hey Girls

I just need someone right now. Im completely a mess and it doesnt help that my lunch break at work ends in like 15 minutes.

Mark just texted me saying hes going to be done his soi (infantry school or whatever) in about a month. I was excited then he said i hope they tell me where ill be stationed and when ill be deploying soon. Then i said yeah =/. Then he goes on to say its bad over there right now and by time fall and winter come around its going to be really bad. Then he says thats when ill probably be going over there. =( =( =( I started crying at work! Like i knew he would be deployed duh hes a marine but not this soon! And him saying it in that way just made it so much worse!!

Gosh i just feel so dumb for crying because i knew this would happen but i cant help it. Also hes planning on doing 5 years in infantry then becoming a drill instructor. Thats like boot camp all over again for like most of his life! I love him with my whole heart and i some day want to marry him and he wants to marry me but i just dont know how this would all work out. I mean he was going to get out after 5 years and then we would be able to be married and be with each other but having to continue to be away from him??

Im sorry for kinda complaining but im just really upset right now and i knew nobody else would understand.

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thank you so much! my names marina and ill be 18 in june, my boyfriend booker will be turning twenty in May and im upset he wont be around for both of our birthdays. I'm glad i found someone my age though to talk to and you can message me anytine also. but I'm new at this so im a bit confused haha. i read your story and it reminds me of times that i got phone calls or when booker got phone calls from his sargent and i was with him, i would just ball my eyes out, tonights a hard night even though he will be in the states for about another month to two months he wont be in PA. thats where we are from, so today was the last day i could see him, then he will go to kuwait and i know that will hit me ten times worse. the different times and service since we both have blackberrys for this reason it still wont work good. I dont know what im going to do i just feel so lost. but i understand exactly how you feel and im here for you too! keep in touch! and good luck with everything

Dont worry girl, all our men will get deployed at one point or another..we just have to be strong..last night my bf also told me he would really want to get deployed..i was like WAT??!?!?!..but then he went on to say that he really wanted that money so he could get me the engagement ring he wanted..i told him NO!..lol but hey its their job and sooner or later he will also get deployed...but im sure your bf is doing all this bc hes thinking about you and ya'lls future together!!! Stay strong and like Calalily said..nothing is set in stone..things ALWAYS change in the Marine Corp! We just gotta deal with it!

Hey hun, just keep in mind that he really won't KNOW anything for sure until he is at his duty station, well **** who am I kidding lol even then stuff changes over and over...everyone hears and plans on different things but it changes a million times before the time actually comes and you know what's actually going on. Just try to not worry and get stressed about it at least YET since nothing is set in stone. Yes, a lot of deployments are going out, but you really don't know what's going to happen and when at this point. Sometimes things change for the better and sometimes for the worse but either way you will learn to live with it and adjust to whatever is going on. You just have to remember to stay positive and strong, not only for yourself but for him as well when he does get to a deployment. And yeah like everyone else said with the whole DI thing, he has 5 years to think about that- my husband has changed his mind abt re-enlisting/getting out sooooo many times just within the past year lol thats how they all are. And really, by the time he has been in that long you may find you are ok with it even :) Anyways, just try to not worry about things that are so far in the distance, with this lifestyle you really have to learn to live for the moment, because there will be surprises and there will be challenges, all we ever really KNOW is in the moment so just try to focus on that :)

its all going to be okay hun.. i kno you two love each other.. you have told me:) just keep positive with everything.. its their job and the deployment is the crappy part! everything is going to work out for the best.. i broke down when my boy told me that he was going to possibly deploy sometime soon :( so i know where you are coming from.. but just remember its not here yet so make the most out of everything while you can! <br />
as for the di.. as the other girls said.. its 5 years away.. trent still doesnt know what he wants to do.. debating between staying in and getting out.. but its all going to be okay! it really will.. <br />
message me if you need anything!!!

Deplyoment is scary. I know when my husband came home and told me that he'd just been informed that he was being deployed I broke down. I think thats just natural. My husband is in Afghanistan now and its definitely hard to adjust to but when you develop a routine it will get easier. And no one can predict how things will be in Afghanistan months from now, its kind of a wait and see thing. I know that offensives are being planned for other locations but I dont think there are any certain time fr<x>ames yet.

It is terrifying. I am going through it right now. Today is two weeks since I have heard from him.

Hun I'm sorry :/ Things are going to be okay. What's meant to happen will. I know that doesn't help a lot, and i have to continually remind myself the same thing almost everyday. ha. If you guys love each other, you CAN make it work. As far as him becoming a drill instructor, he has five years to fully decide on that right? so he could end up changing his mind. And even if he doesn't you guys could work it out. Isn't there housing? I wish I could be more of a help. you've helped me quite a bit. I just don't know much about all the marine lifestyle yet since kieth is still only in bootcamp. you can do this though. Hope you feel better soon!