Anyone Else Hearing Crickets?

It's been another two weeks. Guessing this is going to be routine.  How long has it been since you've heard from whoever you have out in Afghan? I'm concerned.

Tbozz Tbozz
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5 Responses Mar 6, 2010

hey girl - it took a month for me to finally get an email from my boyfriend. he's in a place where there is no communication. my boyfriend did say that he was getting my letters and to keep sending them so just write to him in the mean time :)

longest so far I've had to go without hearing is 2 weeks. but like Caitlin said, every place over there is different. try not to worry and just stay busy. time goes faster that way I promise :)

of course im here to listen and to talk...just think about the good thingd in yur relationship and rememebr those things about him that you love....and stay busy..he will fins a way to contact you when he can....

Thanks, love! I feel better hearing that.

hey girl it just depends onwhere hes at and what hes doing....ive gone weeks without talking to him about a month in i didnt hear anything but he was out and about and in a month i wont be hearing anything for awhile....dont be concerned no news is good news